Nov 1, 2017

Blogger Secret Santa

SO much has happened since my last blog post... I mean school started - and wow, I honestly thought so much more had happened. Apparently my life is pretty boring, but on a much more FESTIVE note, Merry Christmas! If you saw my tweet yesterday... you learned something about me as a person. Didn't see the tweet? No worries. Just know, my Christmas tree has officially been up for OVER A YEAR. We put up my family's tree last night as a part of the Slagle Family Halloween traditions. But let's be honest, you're not interested in a life update right now! You want to join Abigail of Living the Gray Life and I in our Blogger Secret Santa exchange this year! Join us and fellow bloggers in a super fun and super festive Secret Santa gift exchange this holiday season. Click the link below for more details and important information about the exchange! 

Click here to learn more

We hosted Blogger Secret Santa last year too, and it was a HUGE success! Everyone who participated had so much fun, and we're looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, and meeting some new blogger friends too! 

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