May 10, 2017

PROM 2017

Okay blog... It has certainly been a hot minute since the last post. Oops... 2017 has already been so awesome for me photography wise, and the yearbook - basically my biggest project of the year - is done and printed and beautiful, oh and most recently I helped to plan my school's Great Gatsby themed prom, took an amazing prom group portrait session, and then I went to prom! 

Since my blog serves as a virtual scrapbook for me, a way for me to preserve memories, such as my junior prom. With being a part of prom committee, I knew I would have to be at the venue itself from 8-12 the morning of. Also, prom was last Saturday, May 6th. The day after my AP US History Exam. And then, I knew I was going to have that photoshoot an hour before prom. In other words, I new I was going to be busy and because I basically already had my day planned out, I didn't really have time to even think about a date, or quite honestly, my lack thereof. 

As far as pictures go, I love my local animal rescue, SQ Rescue where I adopted 3 out of 5 of my dogs from. My mom jokingly suggested that the best prom date would be my dog, Snoop. I didn't take her seriously at first, but then I imagined the Facebook post that SQ could do with these pictures, and use them to promote their adoptable dogs.  So we did it! Special thanks to my dad for helping me out with the pictures! Special thanks to my good pal, Destany for helping me out with hair and makeup! I wanted something super simple and gold to match my dress, but not be too overwhelming... Oh and did you notice Snoop's bowtie?

You can tell my sister loves me, right?

Oh and here's the rest of my sweet siblings... Shortly after this I scooted right on out in pursuit of some Chick-fil-a and off to the greatest photo session of my life in downtown Columbia. 

Prom itself wasn't really my scene... I'm not a big dancer, and I guess big parties just aren't for me. However, planning prom and ordering decorations and actually decorating the venue was an absolute blast! And honestly, it was a great excuse to buy a pretty dress and some beautiful peonies for myself (shoutout to BiLo for always coming in clutch with the flowers). 

And one last picture... How sweet are these folks? They wanted to make sure they got a picture with me before I scooted on off to Prom! Make sure you check out my Photography Blog to see all the ADORABLE photos from their session... I've seriously never been prouder of a portrait session!

That's all for me you guys... Can't say when I'll be back for another post, but stick around till then! 

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