Mar 26, 2017

A JORD Wood Watch for Dad


I know, I know, Father's Day isn't for a couple months, but hey, there's never a wrong time to show your dad some appreciation! Throughout all of the craziness in my life lately, my parents have been absolutely wonderful, and have truly kept me sane. I'm not lying when I say that they're my best friends...

It's always nice to show your appreciation, and sometimes getting an actual present for my dad can be difficult. He's fairly relaxed, but a casual gift of chocolate didn't even scratch the surface of how appreciative I am for him. Then I discovered, JORD, and I couldn't believe what a great gift a wooden watch wood be! (I spelled 'would' wrong on purpose because I think I'm funny)...

This watch is just my dad's style! It's super casual, and fits perfectly with his business casual office environment. The red face adds some color without being too overwhelming, and it's such good quality too... My dad has some woodworking experience and he comments on the impeccable craftsmanship and intricate design of his watch. The wooden watch design is actually kind of modern and classic at the same time.  From a quick glance on JORD's website anyone can tell the attention to detail that the artists and designers put into each of their wooden watch creations. I'm thoroughly impressed, and it has my dad's seal of approval!

Here's some of my favorite watches for women:
-Dark sandalwood and Smoke (Frankie Series)
-Ebony and Gold(Frankie Series)
-Zebrawood and Maple (fieldcrest series)

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