Feb 28, 2017

Hopelands Gardens // Jordan & Courtney

Another long gap between blog posts... Looks like even after three years, I still can't get this whole "blogging" thing down! Oh well. My priorities have been elsewhere. My chemistry grade has been a little shaky... as is my algebra grade... but on a more positive note, I launched a super awesome Senior Rep program for Cathleen Slagle Photography and have been gaining a lot of attention to my new photography company.

This past Monday, since we had the day off from school, Jordan, Courtney, and I traveled up to Aiken, South Carolina and visited Hopelands Gardens. Hopelands Gardens is basically a Charleston in the middle of the sandhills of South Carolina. It's gorgeous, especially when it's in bloom! Also, you're not crazy, you've definitely seen Jordan and Courtney a few times before.. they're kind of the original Cathleen Slagle Photography reps.

This is one of my most favorite sessions I think I've ever done... I loved their outfits, the flowers, the park. All the pieces just fell into place for this session, and I've never been more proud!


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