Dec 17, 2016

A Christmas Portrait Session

If you think these gals look familiar... you're right! Meet Jordan and Courtney the only official models of Cathleen Slagle Photography. Recently, we did a festive shoot at our local mall. Let me be honest, I hate the mall. Wait, no. I DETEST the mall. I'd much rather be out in the great outdoors. But I actually had a lot of fun bringing the camera along with us to the mall. We got a few funny looks as we explored stores snapping photos all the while, but hey it was worth it! My absolute favorite shots were from in front of the carousel. The lights were beautiful and because of some nasty weather outside, the carousel didn't have any people on it so it was absolutely perfect for a backdrop. 

Merry almost Christmas you guys! 
Happy celebrating and enjoy your time with your friends and families! 

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