Nov 19, 2016


My Christmas tree has been up since Halloween (remember, Slagle family traditions - 2015 + 2014) and every night my family and I have watched a Christmas movie. Our trees our up and ornaments and garlands and lights can be found everywhere you look. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I just can't get enough of it - which is why our trees and decorations stay up until Groundhog's day! As you can tell, I'm a festive kinda gal. I'm lucky enough to live outside of Columbia which hosts the University of South Carolina which is where an incredible blogger and even more incredible girl goes to school. Abigail of Living the Gray Life is just as festive as I am and I couldn't be more excited to cohost a Blogger Secret Santa exchange with her! 

So if you remember back to last year, another blogger and I hosted a pretty successful secret santa exchange. Bonus points if you participated! It was fun, and I was super eager to bring it back for this 2016 season. However, if it weren't for Abigail, nothing would have gotten done this year! 

We want YOU to participate! We've had a great number of incredible bloggers always sign up, but I can honestly say in the true spirit of Christmas that the more the merrier! Abigail and I are dying to see some more of our blogging buds sign up too! 

The form to sign up --->

Once you fill out the form, you'll receive an email (most likely from Abigail) with links to an informational packet as well as a spreadsheet with everyone's' wishlists.

You definitely don't want to miss this! 

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