Oct 29, 2016

Update: Cathleen Slagle Photography

Okay, team! MAJOR UPDATE! I've officially completed + launched my photography portfolio and portrait photography business. (If you've wondered why I've been totally inactive lately... this is part of the reason) Jordan and Courtney made for the perfect portrait models and looked fabulous in blanket scarves from The Navy Knot! We went to one of my favorite small towns Prosperity, South Carolina and walked up and down the sidewalks and ducked into a couple alleys where there were PINK WALLS. Another one of my recent shoots was with Hannah and her boyfriend, Adam at the Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina. Their session was great experience for me, and I'm super happy with how the photographs came out! Oh and then there's that one picture of my little sister mixed in there too... 

If you're in the South Carolina/North Carolina/Georgia area.... please consider Cathleen Slagle Photography for any portraits you may need. Check out my website for rates - all my packages are super affordable and overall a great deal... of course I'm a little biased... but see for yourself! 

Happy Weekend y'all! 


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