Sep 2, 2016


Quite a bit has happened since my last collection of links... I spent a week at Myrtle Beach for a research project for I Can 4 Isaac, we raised money for 4 beach wheelchairs, and started my junior year of high school. Two football games have had to be rescheduled due to rain, I nearly failed my first math test, and passed my first AP US History test. I know that doesn't sound like a lot... but it definitely is. I hate pushing my blog to the backseat, but school always comes first.  

If you're new 'round these parts, let me welcome you and explain a little bit about what you're reading. Friyay links are posts that I try my hardest to post every Friday. I feature all the blog posts from some of my favorites that you may have missed in the past week. You honestly never can tell what you'll find in my Friyay Link collection posts... I tend to be all over the place. Prepare yourself for a whole mess of new tabs open on your desktop or phone and HAPPY FRIYAY everyone!!!

I want Abigail to come and decorate my dorm in a few years...Her gallery wall is amazing!

Macarons in the Morning is one of my new favorite blogs. I'm obsessed with Lola, the design, the content.... Pretty much everything. Check out this post about solitude!

So I think we all can agree that Helene is absolutely incredible, and this post is super helpful! A list of the best blogging resources and tools. 

Cristina opens up about her anxiety and it's really so inspiring. If this is something you struggle with, read Cristina's post. Even if this isn't something you struggle with, please read. It's always good to be aware of what's going on around you. 

Vogue shares the best beauty products for the best skin. Skin so good, you can be like some of the cool Wu and Wang models and walk the runway without foundation. 

37 Things that are cheaper on Amazon than in stores. Cat owners, Polaroid photographers, readers, Toms shoe lovers, K-cup coffee drinkers, and even gardeners can get great deals on Amazon! I had never even thought about buying some of the stuff in this post on Amazon... Thanks again Buzzfeed!

Holy Potatoes I need these cookies in my life!!!!!!!!!!

I just discovered Ivory Mix (via Pinterest) and I'm feeling so inspired to do all sorts of picture taking this weekend (once this rain clears up!!) after reading this post. 

The Always blog is incredible and so is this guest post by Sarah Ashley about studying abroad! 

I can't even imagine what a life changing experience Tanzania was for Savannah. After seeing this post and all of her photos I want to go! I love all of the smiling faces... Definitely check this post out!

Gabby's morning routine... am I the only one that absolutely loves routine posts? I love taking a peek into others' lives! 

Raegan Brizek, a gal from my hometown, is off to Washington DC for Playlist Live! She's speaking on the Smaller YouTubers panel so if you're there... Say hey! She's a great singer (originals and covers) and just an all around incredible person. SUBSCRIBE to her channel!

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS???? IT'S A GEODE CAKE *visualizes future wedding*

It's no secret I love cacti... This print on Sally's etsy shop is too cute! 

Alexa's tips for reading more are so great! I'll be keeping a novel handy from now on...

My photography portfolio :))))))) y'know if you wanna take a peek

And last but not least... my pal Katie, made an insanely good September playlist! check it here

Happy Labor Day weekend lovelies!<3 p="">


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