May 6, 2016

Making Your Wallet Smile // Shopping on a Budget

It's no secret that I'm broke. Being a high school sophomore, if I was loaded... it'd be pretty weird, actually. Brand new clothes from J.Crew, Old Navy or even Target are not always options due to travel time and cost. My local Target is about 30 minutes away when you take into account all of the traffic. My wardrobe is a pretty good basic foundation. I'm always keeping an eye out for little additions I can make here and there. The other weekend, I was out and about with my momma (all the tulip pictures on Instagram were from my local flower shop) and we finished our Saturday adventures with a not so adventurous trip to Walmart. We started out in the garden section, where I saw a few friendly faces from school, as well as snapped this photo. We ventured into the clothing section just to see the new stuff for Spring. For Walmart, I was definitely impressed. 

I know the quality of these photos aren't that great... but this post is more to prove a point. It takes someone who truly knows their personal style and is confident enough to follow that even if it means not shopping at the best stores... Am I making sense? I saw these shorts on the rack at Walmart and I knew I had to scoop them up. They were in a variety of colors, but this navy was definitely a good choice. They fit so well, so comfortable, and so cheap too! I swear when I went to checkout my chocolate covered blueberry acai things, these shorts and the white t-shirt featured in the picture above, and my AP review book... My wallet was smiling from ear to ear.... if it had ears....

Next time you're at your local Walmart, take a look in the clothing section. If you're in need of a solid colored t-shirt to complete an outfit, a pair of fun lace shorts, basic chambray shirt, leggings, bikini, or even a casual dress... Walmart might have just the option you need. 

Side note: Don't get worked up about the sizing. These shorts are a junior's extra large when I usually wear a medium. My mom had the same issue when picking out a tunic in the women's section. 

Another good thing to keep in mind about building up your wardrobe with cheaper alternative pieces is that Walmart delivers straight to your house... for FREE! Yes that's right, FREE SHIPPING is available for almost all products! And even if the individual product is not available for free shipping, you can always get it shipped to your local Walmart store for free! Also, more pieces are available online and you never know when they're having a sale! You could end up getting a $28 dress for even cheaper... I mean, how can you say no to that? 

Another good thing these prices are for is trying out trends. I don't know about you, but I'll see other bloggers wearing something that I would love to wear myself, but would never splurge on a piece as expensive as one from J.Crew or wherever else. I'ts so much better just to purchase an affordable version that looks similar to one I've seen, but getting to try out trends for more than half the cost, is  SUCH  A WONDERFUL THING! 

Here's some of my favorites: 

  this Woven Belted Shirt Dress $12.94

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