Apr 26, 2016

Unique Gifts For Mom // Uncommon Goods

I've always looked up to my mom. Many of my more long term readers know about some of the things that make my family unique such as my older brother's autism, and I definitely admire my mom's positive outlook, big smile, and loving attitude.  Because I love and admire my mother so, I will of course be celebrating Mother's Day... I mean if I didn't, I'm pretty sure I would never hear the end of it. Around this time of year, us bloggers and those that read blogs will stumble across countless blog posts advising you as to what to get your Mom for Mother's Day. Ideas like bath salts, lotion, jewelry, bags, and chocolate (well, maybe not chocolate) can get a little old as annual Mother's Day gifts. It can definitely be a struggle to find the perfect present for anyone, although you'd think it be easier since I'm buying for the woman that raised me from birth... Anyways, whenever I can't find the perfect present in actual stores, I turn to the internet for help!

*sponsored by Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is an online retailer specializing in all things unique, and well... Uncommon! Upon visiting a Smithsonian craft show, Uncommon Goods founder, Dave Bolotsky was inspired. He saw the interest people had in unique goods, and Uncommon Goods was born. They've grown since 1999 in that there are many designers and creators sigh products listed on Uncommon Goods as opposed to a few craft show finds. Not only does Uncommon Goods search the Internet to find the latest and most unique products, but they also design their own! 

I think you get the idea... I'm extremely intrigued by this website, and am currently sitting in geometry entertained by all the creative ideas for products! (shhh don't tell my teacher) I'm sure you're probably imagining some super random all over the place website right now and wondering why the heck I'm talking about Mother's Day gifts. Well guys, upon 5 minutes on the site I had a list going of 10 things that remind me of my momma! (click here to see what other people are buying for their moms this Mother's Day)

Here's the ten things that I know my mom would be interested in: 

A Year Of Gratitude // 52 thank you cards (that's one a week for an entire year)

Micro Green Kits // the perfect windowsill planter!

Flavor Infuser Water Bottle // Get your mix on...

Literary Scarf // Because some mom's are just nerds

Bedside Smartphone Vase // Now your phone can enjoy those bedside flowers too...

Elwood The Rainbow Unicorn Mug // Handmade, this rainbow mug will make your coffee or tea magical

Succulent Living Wall Planter // How cool is this? You could have your succulents in a pot on the windowsill... or hanging on the wall! 

Healing Stone Mugs // Not only are these mugs beautifully made, but they are crowned with a stone that "possesses" healing powers to give you a little boost in your morning tea/coffee

Solar Tealights // I've seen a lot of solar powered outdoor lights, but these are for sure my favorites from what I've seen!

Ooma Bowl // Here's to eating hummus on the floor!

What is your mom getting for Mother's Day? I'm curious! Head to the Uncommon Goods website, and let me know one unique item that you think your mom would love! Share in the comments, below! :)

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