Apr 1, 2016


I've been dreading writing this post. It's Friday. My Spring Break is over. It's been fun, but I'm pretty upset that the fun has to end. Exams are coming up sooner than I can process, and my sophomore year of high school is nearly over. Wow that's really depressing, I gotta stop. ANYWAYS! I haven't compiled my internet favs for you all in quite a while.... I thought I did, but it turns out it's VERY easy to just click "save" instead of "publish" hahaha oops. I'm super pumped to share this ridiculously long edition of FRIYAY Links featuring my favorite bloggers, websites, and other fun content I've stumbled across throughout this week. ALSOOOO I'm currently working on making April a kick ass month for content! I've been a lot more inspired lately (it's been a while I know I know...) and you're going to be seeing a lot more from me, cross my heart. 

Let's dive on into this week's edition of FRIYAY LINKS...

Maxie tells us "We're not lost..." and that we should revel in the uncertainty of life... Another well written article by one of my favorites, Maxie McCoy

Jessica Whitaker & Jenny Yarmoluk share in Jessica's latest Youtube Video some amazing advice for aspiring photographers

I want this peanut butter fudge shipped to my door ASAP

DVF shares her career advice

Levo shares some insta advice... loving the tip about giving people a reason to follow you 

Caitlin's trip to Beaver Creek a few weeks back looked like oh-so-much fun! Be sure you read up on her other more recent posts too where she shares her Spring Formal, Spring Wishlist, and emotions from going back home for Easter. 

Been wanting to try out the d'orsay flat but don't want to break the bank? I can relate.. Try these! 

14 ways to airdry your hair... because, it's always good to change things up

Amy Ruth Designs is going out of business.... but they're having a 75% off sale!

These patterned pencils from Rifle Paper Co are just too pretty *heart eyes* 

Okay I'm in love with these shoes

The ranked 16 best street food cities in the world... um, yes please. I want to visit them all. 

5 actresses' reactions to sexist questions that will restore your faith back in Hollywood...ish

That's it for this FRIYAY! My sincerest apologies for all the open tabs on your computer... oops. But will you do me a favor and follow me on social media?

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