Mar 4, 2016

The Importance of Nonvoting Teens Keeping up in Politics

I usually don't keep up with politics that much... but this year, I have made a point to watch all the debates, all the everything... Sometimes I'll start talking politics at school, and I get weird looks. I am a sophomore in high school so I will not be voting in this year's 2016 presidential election. I suppose it makes sense that I get strange looks for keeping up so much with politics when I won't be voting... I guess people think I'm wasting my time. I decided to go to social media and find out why other teenagers under voting age keep up with politics... So in honor of last night's GOP Debate and Super Tuesday and the Mitt Romney speech, even John Oliver's Donald Drumpf.

Brooke - "I keep up with politics because I feel like it's very important to know what's going on in the world. Just because I can't vote doesn't mean I can't have an opinion. I may not know every little detail about the candidates and the race, but I still know what's happening and what each candidate stands for. I keep up with politics because I care. I care about America and what happens to it, and I'm not going to sit back and be completely clueless and blind as to what is going on with the elections."

Maddie Lilley - "I am going to miss the opportunity to vote in this year’s Presidential Election by a few months, but I still pay attention to politics because it is my future. It’s hard not to pay attention to it when you hear in the news every day which politician is saying what. I met Barack Obama at a young age when he was running for Illinois Senator and met Hillary Clinton this past November at one of her rallies, so I have always had a personal connection to politicians. Congress and the President work for us, to the best of their abilities, so it is important to me to know the person in power has the same beliefs I do as a millennial. The results of this election are ultimately going to impact my future and the way I live, even if I don’t get a say in the process. Not to mention, it’s funny to hear the candidates throw shade during the debates!!"

Samantha Mayberry - "Politics are important to me because they are the framework of America. The decisions made in the upcoming election shape the next four years of America. I am not able to vote in the presidential election, however I will be a tax paying citizen during the term of the next elected president so I want to be informed about his or her's proposed policies. Additionally I have a passion for politics so following the election is one of my favorite things to do. I urge my friends who are able to vote to stay informed so they are able to make a responsible and informed decision."

Sophie - "I make an effort to keep up with politics because I think that it's something that has a direct effect on everyone. Politics are such a powerful, influential tool that its important to know how that power is being exercised. It's crucial to be able to understand what is happening in the world around you and to be able to discuss, debate, and question that as well. I think that part of being a well-rounded person is making an effort to stay informed about politics - quite frankly, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to politics (plus, it makes for a great way to impress adults when you're stuck talking at your parents' dinner party)."

Jessica - "It's true what they say: kids are the future. if we want the future to continue progressing the way it is, it is important to be educated on these topics. Politics are the foundation of our society, so picking candidates to lead our country is important. And what better way is there to know the ins and outs of the political world than starting young? It will affect us later on in life, too, so each decision the society makes is important to know."

Katie - "Politics are very important in everybody's lives. I keep up with it to understand what the 'older' kids are talking about in school, and to have intellectual conversations with my parents. Voting is going to be a duty of mine in 3 years, so why not try to learn more about how our government works. Politics aren't really that hard to keep up with, follow a few accounts on Twitter such as CNN & Fox. You won't regret knowing more about how our country works, and how we elect our leaders."

Macy - "I like watching the debates sometimes, and I'm naturally just interested in politics (weird, right?). I like knowing what's going on in the world. It's important to know that who we put into office really does matter, and whoever is in office can make repercussions that are either positive or negative for this country. I also think the debates are pretty entertaining, and I have only watched the Republican debates so far. I keep updated through Twitter, hearing on the news (parents have it on often, thus I eventually hear some of it), and I watch the debates."

Nadia - "I care about politics because they shape our world and affect my future. During the next election, 2020, I will be allowed to vote and the president chosen this year will greatly affect my positions on what's important to America and maybe even rights that I currently may or may not have. I n order for me to vote wisely, I'll have to know what's been happening years prior to decide who's the best person for the job."

I hope you enjoyed reading these gals opinions... I know I did! Even though you might not be voting this year, and you might not see the importance in politics, believe me it is worth it to keep up. You can learn a lot about people as well as the American culture... I feel like I watch the debates and pay attention to politics for different reasons than most.. but I still share in these girls' belief that even underage voters should keep up with the latest in politics.

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