Mar 29, 2016

The Goat Farm of my Dreams

It's no secret that goats are my favorite animal... Of course next to dogs, giraffes, and a couple others. I've loved goats since I was little. When I was about 9 or so I had one of those make your own Christmas ornament kits, but this one was a little different. You had to stack all these circles together and in the middle of these circles there was a piece of paper. It was called a "Wish Ornament". Me being the wild child that I am made a special wish. "I wish for by the time I'm 20 to own 5 chickens, 3 roosters, 19 goats, and 12 cows." NOT JOKING HERE, FRIENDS! Anyways... I don't see that wish coming true any time soon. However, I've still dreamed of having goats and any time we pass goats on the highway I never cease to announce "GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAATS!" - my family loves me I promise. Here's some of my favorite snaps from wandering around Split Creek Farms for your Tuesday Morning...

As you can tell... I really like goats. This farm was one of those hidden-doesn't-look-like-much-but-actually-is-incredible attraction of the SC upstate. Also, Important side note to share: Their fudge made with goat milk is heaven. Not more heavenly than actually seeing all the goats, but it's pretty darn heavenly.

Wow it sure is fun to write blog posts at 3 AM....

Stay tuned for more interesting places featured on Classy Cathleen because I'm visiting a dairy farm later this week! Keep up with me on snapchat and instagram to be ahead of the adventures before they make it on the blog... Hope your Spring Break is going/went as well as mine so far!


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