Mar 10, 2016

Meet Jessica Whitaker

I've been dying for a spare minute to sit down and put this post together for you all... I absolutely love conducting interviews, especially when I get to introduce some of my favorite people to you all! Remember back when I used to do Tuesday Talk interviews.... Well it's definitely been a while since the last one. Interviews are always fun for me... I love people, talking to people, and getting to know people. It's almost common knowledge that I am an aspiring photographer.. among other things, so young photographers are people that I keep up with on the reg. Jessica Whitaker is a 20 year old portrait photographer whose work amazes me and inspires me every day. So without further a do... Meet Jessica!
{ find this on Jessica's blog here }

Cathleen Slagle // So excited to get to interview you today! First, introduce yourself to everybody! Tell us about yourself!

Jessica Whitaker // Hi! My name is Jessica Whitaker, Im 20 years old and from Seattle, Washington! I love photography, my dog Daisy, a good eyebrow and Jesus 

CS // When did your passion for photography really take off?
JW // Photography for me started about eight years ago! My friends and I were in my bathroom using the white shower curtain as seamless paper (I know, ratchet) and a floor lamp from Ikea as our light source. It was just for fun and something to pass the time. My aunt was downstairs and saw the photographs and was blown away! I haven’t stopped since. I think it was from her encouraging words- it really goes to show that the tongue can bring death or life. 

CS // What is your favorite subject matter to photograph?

JW // Portraits! I love showing a person how beautiful they are.

CS // So you're from Seattle, Washington… What are some of your favorite places in Seattle? (Either for photography reasons, cool hangout places, restaurants, anything really)

JW // My favorite place to eat brunch would be Lost Lakes in Capitol Hill! I also love Hot Cakes in Ballard! Ballard is probably one of my favorite neighborhoods, it slightly reminds me of Brooklyn and they have some great record shops.

CS // I noticed you're pretty social media savvy… What's your favorite social platform and why?

JW // Currently I’m obsessed with Snap Chat! You can really get creative with it as well as get your point across. I make announcements for giveaways, when I am booking, and my travel plans thru Snap Chat! I didn’t think it would be a successful but I think the 10 second limit is great for people with a short attention span (like myself)

CS // Your YouTube channel is definitely one of my favorite accounts of yours. How long have you been making videos on your channel?

JW // Thanks so much! I love the YouTube platform. This month is marks my second year of producing content on YouTube!

CS // With your photography talent and knowledge… I’m sure you have some advice for us! What are three most important things to keep in mind?

JW // My first tip would be framing your subject wisely! For instance, if you’re shooting outside, make sure there aren’t any branches that look like they’re growing out of the top of your subject’s head! Framing is really key, and less is more. Also, pay attention to the details on your model. Make sure the nails are clean (ex, not chipped), there isn’t any hair in the face or flyaways above the head. These little styling details will really make or break a portrait- epically if it’s a headshot. The third thing to keep in mind is how you’re cropping your subject. It drives me crazy when I see a photograph and the subject is cropped right below the knees. It looks unnatural, so my trick is to crop above the joints and be intentional.

CS // What camera(s) do you use for what type of shoot? What are some of your favorite lenses?

JW // I have used a Canon 5D Mark ii for the past few years! I only have a 50mm f/1.4 for portraits, and it is my favorite lens. I would love to invest in a 35mm and 85mm as well but my college budget currently doesn’t allow it. My 50mm is great and I would recommend it to anyone starting out in photography!

CS // Here’s a bit of a random question for you… Got any pets?

JW // Yes! I have one dog and one rabbit! My dog is a rescue pitbull from the Seattle Animal Shelter and her name is Daisy! Our rabbit is also a rescue, his name is Pinecone!

CS // How do you get inspired for your photoshoots? 

JW // Endless scrolling thru Pinterest and Tumblr! I’m currently in a creative rut right now and I have found that these online resources help me get fresh ideas!

So now that you've learned some fun facts about Jessica... Don't you just want her to be your best friend? When I'm 20, I hope to be as much of a Jesus lover and just all around cool person like Jessica. Be sure you check out her blog, portfolio, and follow her on all social media accounts! Aspiring photographers: be sure to check out her YouTube channel for photography tips and more! Also, if you're in the NYC area be sure to hit her up! Jessica does all kinds of different shoots including everything from fashion and fitness bloggers, weddings, senior portraits, engagement shots, lookbooks for designers and online boutiques, professional headshots, and so much more...

side note: as if you couldn't put it together... all the photos above belong to the fab, Jessica Whitaker


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