Mar 31, 2016

Cabin Style // J.Crew Baseball Tee

If you're friends with me on Snapchat, then you saw I went thrifting the other day! My momma and I thrift hard. Like really hard. Like $250 hard. But anyways, we were exploring downtown Anderson and stumbled across The Fashion Shack in Anderson. The BEST thrift store I have seen in a while. Brand new J.Crew, Lilly Pulitzer (vintage Lilly *heart eyes*), Old Navy, Target, and so many others. We parked the car, got out, and perused the outdoor racks. Instantly I found 6 J.Crew tops and Target sweaters. AND THAT WAS THE SIDEWALK SALE RACK! I was already in love...

We walk in the door and I see racks and racks of clothes in my size everywhere. There were shoes, dresses, purses, new jewelry, gently used phone cases, and a wonderful staff. I was so deep in racks and racks of clothes, and I kept hearing the little door ring go off and 15 some people came in and out bringing even more clothes. I hadn't eaten so I was completely overwhelmed looking around the place. ANYWAYS, I was able to find a few great pieces for my mom and I: tassel dress, Piko shirt, sweaters, Loft skirts, the baseball tee I'm about to show, a pair of Toms, Birks, and lots of other fun stuff! Overall I was very impressed with The Fashion Exchange. Here's one of my favorite tops that I scooped up from this fun jeweled baseball tee. 

P.S. I'm trying to blog a little bit harder for the month of April so stay tuned, friends! 
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