Feb 10, 2016

Why I love Valentine's Day

Y'all have probably come to realize that since I don't post adorable instagram photos of my boyfriend and I wearing bean boots and coordinating outfits, or because I never snap photos of us cuddling and Netflix & chilling that I am single... If you thought that, you're 100% right. I'm a firm believer in Girls rule, boys drool and I love being single. Since it's nearing Valentine's day.... situations get the slightest bit awkward with friends - both guys with girlfriends and single guys as well as my girlfriends with boyfriends. Obviously I can't relate or really help anyone out with gift getting or planning a romantic night, and single guys seem to think that all girls are desperate for a Valentine to hold them on February 14th. Hey boys, thanks for the offer, you're real cute, but nah I'll pass. Despite all that mess, I actually really love Valentine's Day, and here's why:

The Cards - 

I've gotten a pack of valentines from the grocery store since before I can remember. Whether they came with pixie sticks, fun dip, stickers, tattoos, pencils, or erasers I loved them. I loved the dumb graphics, somewhat clever puns, and as I've gotten older... yes, I'm admitting to this, the sexual joke valentines. I don't know what it is but just something about sending out cards to all my friends and selectively choosing who recieves which catchy phrase and back when I was in elementary school, sticking the envelopes into their mailboxes. ahhhh the good times. 

P.S. Even though I'm in high school, I still get a pack of Valentines just because I love them so much

The flowers -

Any other single ladies buy themselves flowers on Valentine's Day? I celebrate the fact I'm single and not having to deal with the constant drama of high school relationships. -- Wow do I sound cynical yet? -- Anyways, I love having some nice roses on the desk anyways! Valentine's just gives me the perfect excuse to treat myself and plop them in a vase. 

The hearts - 

This year I purchased a heart coffee mug (why do I call them coffee mugs when I never drink coffee???) canvas bag, pencils, erasers, paper straws, and stickers. I love how cheap all these items are - wow guys you really luck out. All you gotta do is lay down $15 and you got all sorts of cheap walmart V-day goodies! That definitely shows a gal you care - I love doodling hearts, and like I said about the flowers, Valentine's is the PERFECT excuse. Also I can wear pink and red and feel festive and bold all at the same time. 

The chocolate - 

Who doesn't love chocolate? Lately I've been loving the hugs and kisses Hershey bag mix! Seriously so yummy. I always treat myself to a box of chocolates and laugh about that quote from Forrest Gump. When I was little, any kind of Valentine's Day candy was good enough for me, but now chocolate is pretty amazing. I think my taste buds finally developed and I don't like eating crappy sugar anymore - always a good thing. My chocolate stash is running low so I'm gonna have to stock up before the big day rolls around. 

Sparkling drinks - 

I'm under 21 if you didn't know... so sparkling drinks is as close as I get to champagne this Valentine's Day. Lately I've been loving Martinelli's sparkling apple cranberry juice. It's incredible and life changing let me tell ya. Put it in an adorable glass and pop a paper straw in there and it's the perfect drink. 

Romantic movies - 

Valentine's Day is when I binge all Nicholas Sparks. I bawl my eyes out. I also watch Hallmark movies after midnight (I cry during any movie after midnight) so I can cry about how wonderfully unrealistic romantic they are and how my life will never be like that. 

Dressing up - 

Dressing in all pink and red and looking fine as heck on Valentine's Day is one of my favorite parts. Everyone thinks you have a hot date or something, but really you just have Demi's confident song in your head, and you're celebrating your singleness. Fun times, am I right? Can anyone relate?

Romantic novels - 

I actually hate it when adults write teen romance novels. It's so unrealistic and I feel like the adult is mocking the speed and craziness in which all teenage relationships experience (that sentence made zero sense). Anyways, I've read 50 too many, because I hold out hope that one will be good someday. ANYWAYS, I read those and adult romance novels with no shame in the month of February... This reading binge is very similar to my movie binge and involves lots of tears. 

Gift Giving with the Slagle Fam - 

Fun fact: we're now fam goals because we started the greatest "Slagle Fam" group chat - which at present includes a crap ton of puppy photos, and scheduling stuff. Every Valentine's Day, we celebrate by getting one gift from our parents (I'm getting a unicorn. Yes mom, if you're reading this, when you told me to close my eyes, I peeked.) It's really fun, and we also have a heart shaped cake because the Family love bond is too thick to break. 

History - 

That's pretty much it... I don't know why, but in all my years of being single, I've always celebrated Valentine's Day and loved it more and more each year. What are your thoughts? V-Day heart or hate?

This post was part of the #galpallinkup which was hosted by myself, Rachel, and Cristina

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