Feb 5, 2016

Top Five Twitter Favs

The best thing about having your own blog is making your own rules. Right now, it's about 10 pm on a Friday night, and I have to take Isaac to a race (one of those wheelchair races - Isaac has autism, remember) that starts at 8 tomorrow. I really just want sleep... or to listen to young JB classic hits or Fall Out Boy... or to watch Bob's Burgers or something else completely mindless on Netflix. On Friday's I'm usually celebrating with a FRIYAY LINKS post.... but I'm just simply not feeling it. So instead, I'm going to share my top 5 favorite Twitter accounts with you all! 

o n e // @SadHappyAmazing : With 4.31 million followers, apparently I'm not the only one interested in seeing old photos that are not as widely known or gossiped about... Plus, take one look at the header/cover thingy and tell me you're not in love. I literally retweet everything they post. 

t w o // @wisdomreact : I can watch these videos over and over again and I pee myself everytime I watch some of these. Makes me slightly frightened for what I would act like if I was in their situation. But some of these kids crack me up... and I NEED a "Think Brandon Think" in my life. 

t h r e e // @ssblog_ : Rachel's tweets KILL ME. She's quite possibly the most relateable Twitter account I follow. Rachel is also wonderful at sharing other blogger's posts which is super fun because I have new reading material. P.S. She's also so fun to follow on Snapchat

f o u r // @ Sweetlovemsg ; I'm a sucker for any cute movie... that means every movie featured on this account. It's been known to make me tear up thousands of times. I retweet a lot of their tweets too... Oops. 

f i v e // @allchats : How else would I know when a new Twitter chat is to be hosted? All Chats is the perfect account because it compiles a list of all the twitter chats being hosted that day so you don't miss an opportunity! 

Do these folks a favor and go give them a follow! Oh and alert me immediately if you ever meet a Single Brandon getting his wisdom teeth out. Who are your favorite tweeters... Twitter users... whatever?


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