Feb 15, 2016

Teenage Ramblings

An overabundance of angst, giving into peer pressure, and low self esteem and self confidence are daily issues in a teenager's life. Being 15, I know first hand how some of these things can easily consume your mind and get the best of you. As I've gotten older, and actually grown more into myself, low confidence has not been as much of a struggle. I mean, sure, I have my days. What teenager doesn't? Lately it's been easy to keep these battles on the down low and control my teenage tendencies. 

The one thing that surprised me about going to high school was how little people actually care... You care about your school, the majority of your "friends" and most of your teachers and family. And every person is like that so it's really not a big deal! I'm probably making zero sense in explaining this.. but I swear it all works out.

One major struggle with highschoolers is dealing with loneliness. With Valentine's Day being yesterday, I know a lot of people my age who were "seemingly" okay with spending the day alone. The truth is, it can be a little tough to see those adorable couples together and not be the tiniest bit jealous. Me personally, I've gotten used to the idea that guys are immature right now and I'm just gonna be on the sidelines waiting for a while. Other girls haven't quite figured this out and throw themselves at virtually any human being with a penis.

Girls care so much about what boys think about them that they are scared to eat in front of them. That makes me so mad. Like it's food. Basic nourishment that your body needs. And you're scared to eat because another human being might see you??? I'm sorry but no that's not okay. It's also not okay to change your diet for a boy. Don't eat salads because you don't want to let a guy see you eating pizza. Eat the food you want. I honestly don't see what the struggle is. I freaking love food.

Also, people always feel like they're "not worth it" "single for life" "such a fatty" ect. Y'all, you're totally worth it. You're worth someone chasing you for your love and attention. You're worth the time. Don't ever let anyone get into your head. The amount of low self esteem people have is unnecessary. People are dumb. People with dumb opinions aren't worth listening to let alone getting in the car with and going home.  If you want to go to school in a dress but feel like people are going to laugh because it's 30 degrees outside....  just forget it, do it because you want to...

One other thing I want to discuss is peer pressure. Because of people's low self esteem's and poor body images of themselves, peer pressure is quite easy. It's easy to give in to what other people want from you. People in general, but teens especially see other people, and they want what they want. They want to be noticed, loved, respected, thought of as "cool" among friends. Because of people's weakness for attention, they are more open to "try new things" that aren't always the best for them. It breaks my heart to see old friends doing incredibly dumb things just for the attention of those that don't even want the best for them.

The thing almost all teenagers lack is self confidence. The very few that have it are then divided into the just right amount of confidence group and the insanely too confident group. Self confidence is crucial for teenagers. It's one of the only ways of survival in high school. You can't get through if you don't believe that you can stand on your own two legs, think for yourself, and know in your gut what's right and wrong.

I've seen people - typically girls - crash and burn. The majority of them are the one's that need approval from a guy or a friend before they do anything. Some girl's think it's cute to flirt with guys by showing their lack of self confidence... so as to make the guy feel like he has more control or power over them in the situation. What bull crap.

I honestly don't know what makes me stand out from others... How I can keep my confidence when others can't. I also don't know where this post was supposed to go or even what I accomplished by writing this post. As far as how to gain self confidence... I really don't have much advice on that either. Just that you'll be better off seeing the beauty in God's handiwork in yourself as well as the potential you have and why you're on this earth. Confidence is key to making it anywhere as a teen, as an adult, as a human. There's not always gonna be someone to walk with you to the bathroom or to go get some lunch, and you have to be okay to stand out from the crowd at times. It's not what you wear - it's how you wear it... try out some funky clothes and try your confidence level! It's always good to compliment wherever you can too... sometimes a friend might need some loving words or just tell them they look good today. The simplest things have the potential to boost confidence.

Sorry for the weird ramblings... Enjoy your Monday!

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