Feb 26, 2016


If there's one thing my momma has taught me... It's that making excuses is for losers. So I'm not going to be that teen blogger that lists out everything they've had for dinner and that that's why they haven't been blogging. I'm owning it. I haven't been blogging because my grades suck, I have an unhealthy addiction to Disney Channel Original Movies + their soundtracks, and how could I forget the fact that my sleep schedule was corrupted and I had to fix it. It's been one heck of a week, can't you tell? Anyways, It's not like I haven't been keeping up with my favorite blogs and people! I watched the Republican debate Thursday night, and LOL at the fact that I listed 5 people that I don't particularly like after saying that I've been keeping up with my favs. LOL. Anyways, It's coming to the end of a wonderful FRIYAY, so it's time to reflect on some of the koolest (dang right that's cool with a k) things from the internet this past week! 

*thought I'd mention that I was stuck on this line for like an hour because it turns out I also have an unhealthy obsession of watching Lip Sync Battles on YouTube #sorryimnotsorry*

113 Ideas for Blog Posts - If you're feeling uninspired

5 Daily Habits that will BOOST your GPA : pretty please and thank you... mine has dropped significantly and where my school is so competitive and the majority of my 284 classmates are geniuses soooo I'm terrified to check my class rank. 

Okay y'all... This is quite possibly the latest I've ever published a FriYAY Links post.... so I'm sorry about that. Just another disapointing thing I've done as a blogger! Anyways, hope you had fun clicking... Maybe you discovered some new blogs or gained some kind of new information going into the weekend! I'll be more present on my blog and social media once I get my grades together... I won't make any promises, but that should hopefully be soon. 

Happy Weekend!

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