Feb 5, 2016

Eating Lately

Such a catchy, grabbing title... am I right? 

This post is in collaboration with some fabulous bloggers that I will have listed at the bottom of this post. From Monday until today I challenged myself to eat as healthy as possible during the school day. I was having some INSANE PMS issues last week so I literally ate so much crap just to make myself feel better. During classes, I'll think I'm hungry, but I really just eat because I'm bored... and bored eating is quite problematic because you're just mindlessly reaching for more and more - which is not healthy. Another thing that inspired me to write this post is because we're talking about being healthy right now in Spanish class, and my teacher gives me weird looks when I talk about fried chicken, hamburgers, and ice cream. 

But I can't just make this post all about what I eat for lunch... A) because I don't eat that much... and B) because that's boring. 

For breakfast, I either eat some toast with a light spread of olive oil Smart Balance, cheerios with cranberries or another fruit, or scrambled eggs... just depends on how much time I have to prep and eat in the morning. Because I wake up super duper slowly... I did not take a photo of any of my morning meals this week.... OOPS

Lunchtime is a lot of fun. I either have some homemade baked chicken on a sandwich, pasta, or salad. Everyday this week I brought a salad for myself, and if you are friends with me on snapchat, then you know that I ate my salad in geometry... I'll have you know I did that today as well.. It's just so much fun to be judged by other people while you're living the high life getting all the problems right while eating salad topped with Greek dressing. It's casual you know...

And my daddy is a pro at doing research on nutruition facts and finding out what's good for us to eat, quantities and fun stuff like that. He's also a wonderful cook - and a master at food styling so whenever I want to post dinner on the 'gram, daddy helps with the layout. SHOUTOUT TO DADDY! Anyways, every week we eat totally different meals... but every week we have baked pasta (holy heck it's incredible), homemade veggie soup (again, incredible), and daddy pizza (heaven). We also bake potatoes a lot... so here's a photo from a while back, but we actually did eat this meal on Thursday!

As far as snacks go... It's super easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits. Some of my favorite lighter options include: baby carrots, a clif bar, natural unsalted almonds, roasted unsalted peanuts, or a piece of fruit. When I still want to stay fairly healthy but am in desperate need of a salty treat, I'll throw some pretzels into the mix. Also those Welch's fruit gummies are heavenly. Also, fun fact, they're my official at-school-feel-better-PMS-snack.
So I wanna know! What are your food faves? What have you been eating lately?

The other gals in the collaboration:

Sophia // 5th Avenue Urban

P.S. FRIYAY LINKS will be really late because I am eating chocolate and need to dry my hair


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