Jan 1, 2016


Ashley from the blog Lilly and Lemons came up with this fun idea for a linkup, sharing goals for the new year. I'm not one for "resolutions". I mean my life doesn't have too many "problems" that need resolving... so why would I need resolutions to nonexistent problems? Goals, by definition, are "the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result." And that, is truly what I am setting for 2016. So keep reading to find out some of what I'm aiming for this year! 

~ Pass all classes with a B or higher for the 2015-2016 school year (biology & geometry specifically). I plan to work on this by utilizing study hall time as well as my after school time. 0

~ Turning off Netflix. I can't get all my classwork done to the best of my ability with a romantic tv movie in the background. It's difficult to devote all my time to the important stuff when my attention is elsewhere. 

~ Opening my eyes to new adventures and new people. I feel like I'm missing so much, and this year I want to live more in the moment than ever before.

~ Living healthier. This is on most everyone's list for the new year, but I actually need to be eating and exercising way more than I am now. 

~ Blogging about everything under the sun. I love exploring my interests, and my fun-loving, adventurous self just wants to give everything a try! This year, keep an eye out for diy projects, recipes, fashion, and just life in general. It's going to be a heck a lot of fun!

~ Challenging myself. If I don't challenge myself in 2016, this new year will be exactly like 2015. I hope to challenge myself in all aspects of life in the new year.

~ Read 35 novels in 2016. I have an incredible school library, the ibooks book store, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon at my fingertips and yet, I still don't get as much reading done as I used to when I was younger. Instead of simply making my goal "Read more" I'm choosing to be specific. When one is specific in their goals, it can make it easier to focus, and accomplish those goals.

I have all my goals written down in a notebook on my desk. There are way more than what is listed above. I plan to accomplish these goals by zeroing in and extremely focusing on doing these things for myself. I feel weird talking about personal gain... but a little bit is not a bad thing. Sometimes I spend too much time looking out for others I'm never doing things for myself... I just want to have more experiences, adventures, and life this year. That's my major, number one goal for 2016. 

What's one of your goals for 2016? How do you plan on accomplishing this goal? 

P.S. I had so much fun with my gold sharpies for the pictures in this post! Feel free to post/pin just give credit to me, Cathleen Slagle! And one more time... Happy New Year! 

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