Jan 11, 2016

Behind the Scenes // Meet The Siblings

Every blogger has someone that helps in the photo department of blogging. I have four someones. My lovely momma and daddy, but also my incredible younger siblings... Jonathan, Tirzah, if you're reading this, because I know y'all do, enjoy this moment. I won't call you incredible when I get home from school... or probably not again for like another month. Like I said, enjoy this moment. Anyways, my siblings help me on a daily basis... taking instagram shots, getting in my snapchat selfies so I'm not awkward on my own, putting up with me in photoshoots (I'm a slight nightmare to work with... especially after school) waiting to eat donuts and other various treats so I can take an instagram... followed by snapchat. I never share my appreciation for these little guys enough, so this post goes out to half of the unsung heroes of Classy Cathleen. Meet the Siblings. 

Meet Jonathan. A student in middle school, he enjoys all things nature, Marvel, and Star Wars. He enjoys listening to Elivs and The Beatles while he builds with legos. Jonathan is an old soul, and enjoys soaking up every bit of information pertaining to animals, history, or random slightly irrelevant facts. 

This pose idea was completely their own

The fact we can pick Dandelions in January

"Jonathan, smile like there's a cute girl next to me"

The dynamic duo

Meet Tirzah, an elementary school student, she enjoys doing crafts, reading, drinking tea, and cuddling up with her Princess Kitty stuffed animal. You can almost always find her playing legos with Jonathan. Her favorite color is purple and hiking is one of her favorite things to do because she has little legs.

and sometimes the neighbor's dog, Bailey, comes over for a picture or two

So dear Jonathan and Tirzah: I appreciate y'all's hard work, and postive attitudes whenever I ask you guys to give me a hand. I know Classy Cathleen wouldn't be where it is today, and I wouldn't either if it weren't for the two of you guys. 

I want to see who's behind the camera on your blog! Who's your unsung hero?

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