Jan 4, 2016

A Quick Oconee Recap

Sometimes you just need to go breathe some fresh, mountain air. Wednesday afternoon we drove a few hours up to our favorite, Oconee State Park. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my pictures. In short, my brief venture to Oconee was filled with canoe ride after canoe ride... so many rides I barely left the boat this morning. We rented our favorite cabin, cabin five, the same place where we kicked off the New Year in 2015! So aside from a bright red canoe, celebrating my older brother's 17th birthday, visiting with friends, watching Isaac and my dad race (more on this in a minute), visiting White Water Falls, antique shopping, and slipping here and there all in the mud. But let's get to the fun part, pictures!
I always, and I mean ALWAYS sit in the back of the canoe and steer. But, when we were picking up the canoe from the office, daddy made me sit in the front... 
Ignore those ladies in the back taking a picture... This was while Isaac's runner was doing a quick practice run. See, my older brother Isaac just turned 17. He has pretty severe autism, and this race was put together through an organization my family and I are familiar with. Isaac loves being pushed in races, and special shoutout to this runner especially... I don't think I could push Isaac up and down those hills! Team Penguin came in first place out of the other chair racers! 

After the race, we headed to our dear friend Faith's house for homemade pizza, gift exchange, and cookie frosting!

Apparently, I'm too cool to wear a moldy life jacket in a picture for instagram... something about it's just not classy? 

We found an adorable antique shop in Walhalla, and I snapped a few photos during our perusing. 

The next day we ventured into North Carolina to visit White Water Falls which was absolutely incredible. 

Will you take a look at that view? It's amazing...

This was our last morning... and my fourth canoe ride. Before I snapped this photo, my brother was singing Yellow Submarine and my sister was rapping Baby by Justin Beiber... good times... good times...
So Christmas break was fun... and now it's over. I've been stress cleaning all night and just laid down to write this. It's about 12:30 AM. Stay tuned for another post a little later on today!

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