Dec 8, 2015

I Got The Power // ShopStyle X Dress for Success

As a high school student, it's extremely easy to wear whatever. I could go to school in pajama pants, but I choose not to. The sweatpants I go to bed in could just as easily be a part of my ootd, but I choose to actually put real clothes on. What you put on in the morning can change your mood for the whole day. If you wear sweats, yeah they're comfortable, but you're not going to feel as good about yourself than if you dress up.Everyone has a power outfit. Something you can put on after you wake up, and go about your day with confidence. I choose to wear things that are less comfortable than sweats, but I wear things that make me feel good about myself instead. Dress for Success is an international nonprofit organization that helps women in the workplace and gives them the professional clothes, resources, and development tools to help them be successful. ShopStyle is partnering with Dress for Success, and today only ShopStyle users are sharing their power outfits (click to see everyone's blogs and outfits) and any sales made through a link on my blog, 10% of the profits will go to Dress for Success, which will then be doubled by ShopStyle as another donation to Dress for Success. Seriously guys, how exciting is this? Your shopping will help women gain the confidence they need in the workplace. (disclaimer)

My power outfit includes both classic pieces and pieces that make a statement. This blanket scarf is one of my favorite ways to stay warm, and the red in the scarf makes the classic, black jacket stand out a bit more. For some reason my bean boots make me confident... I love challenging my style to try different ways to wear them. And even though leggings are like stereotypical lazy white girl, they can be dressed up to be casual instead of lazy. 

Remember what I said earlier about how 10% of my sales go to Dress for Success? Stay tuned for a HUGE gift guide later today, that way you can shop and help women become successful all at the same time. But till then, here's some of my favorites for you to shop and help! 

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