Dec 4, 2015


So I've been somewhat of a sucky blogger lately. I've put together list after list filled with blog post ideas, but I haven't sat down to write any. If you'll remember last week's FRIYAY post, I was at Hunting Island... which was incredible by the way! This weekend I'm at Myrtle Beach and life is just wonderful let me tell ya. It's still not time for midterms so unlike other bloggers I follow, I'm not stressing whatsoever. These little time outs from school are much needed, and can I just say I have been living it up. 
Here's the part of the post that comes up every week where I explain FRIYAY LINKS to my newest followers and readers. I believe in celebrating so instead of Friday, I think FriYAY is just way more fun to say. Each week I compile a whole mess of my favorite links from all around the internet, my favorite bloggers, websites, social media, ect and share them here! I hope you enjoy and happy happy clicking!

This German commercial has me going "Why Grandpa?" We watched this in class and let me say.. the look on everyone's face was ridiculous. 

Rebecca seriously amazed me by her true devotion to blogging by taking pictures in the freezing cold first snow... I can promise y'all if it snows in SC I'm not going out to take pictures without 6 layers on

Okay guys, that's it for this week's FRIYAY links! Hope you enjoyed.. you probably have 50 tabs open right now from all these links, but it's all good right? Be sure you're following me on insta ( @classycathleen ) and I'll see you back here for another FRIYAY Party next Friday! xo

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