Dec 27, 2015

Current Netflix Loves

Dear blogging, 

I've been cheating on you. Yes. Cheating. This website/app/heaven-sent tv show and movie streaming site called Netflix. I feel it's only right that I'm honest and share you all the details...


Okay yes. I really haven't been blogging lately. I'm not gonna be that blogger that apoligizes. Because I'm not sorry. I've been having fun with my family and just relaxing. Honestly, high school can make you a little insane, so a break is well needed every once and a while. So, while you're on your school break, you're most likely going to be like me and watch a little.... okay a lot a lot of Netflix. So here's what I've been loving lately:

TV Shows:

Vampire Diaries- I tried to avoid this show for the longest time. It sounded so weird.. but I figured I could at least just watch the first episode before I had a true opinion on it. You know how Netflix just keeps on playing the show you're watching after each episode? I love it. I'm currently on season 4 and can we just talk about Damon... Holy heck. He's my favorite on the show. 

Pretty Little Liars- I've watched this entire show twice now. I love the characters, the plots, and just every episode is so action packed! If you've never seen it, you're missing out. I even know guys that love this show. 

Making a Murderer- Okay so I do have a bit of a weird side. I love crime shows, and I really just don't know why. This is a Netflix documentary/TV show that is actually really interesting. It's full of twists and turns all about the Manitowac, Wisconsin. and the convict Steven Avery who was put in jail in '85 and released in '03. That's 18 years in prison and he was released because of DNA evidence that proved another guilty. This show is INCREDIBLY interesting. 

Criminal Minds- Yes, yes, yes, my weird side. I can't help it. This show has forever been one of my favorites. However those writers of the show really scare me. The ones that create the story line behind each episode... But anyways, it's pretty interesting and goodness knows there are plenty seasons to keep you occupied.

Reign- This show is my favorite. I finished it over Thanksgiving break. It's so so good. I'm a slight history nut and all these twists and love triangles and complications are my kryptonite. YOU HAVE to see this show... It's incredible.

90210- One of my newer obsessions... From the pilot episode, I was hooked. Sometimes I swear the main character, Annie is me. Her little "Kansas" moments are literally me. One thing I don't like about the show is that the majority of the cast are supposed to be 15-16 year olds in high school. HELLO! I'm 15 and I don't look like that. But also if you've seen Vampire Diaries, Tyler Lockwood makes an appearance in 90210 and I kind of lost my mind when he came in. 

Bones- Oh yeah. This one's great. Very science-y. I can't stand science class, but if class was like this show.... I wouldn't mind at all. I couldn't get into Grey's Anatomy, I know everyone loves it... I just don't. But this show, did not take long at all to get hooked on. 


Mean Girls- Need I say more? 

Ferris Bueller's Day Off- I seriously thought everyone had seen this... until recently I realized just how wrong I was. This movie is a classic, and you really must see it.

Practical Magic- Starring Sandra Bullock who I love. I took a personality test, and it said that her and I have the same personality type and I kinda freaked out. I actually really liked this movie.

The Prince and Me- Julia Stiles is another favorite of mine. Ever since I saw 10 Things I hate about you... In this movie, Julia's character, Paige Morgan, falls in love with a Danish prince, Eddie, and the movie shares there love story and the complications of the relationship, but still has me wishing that when I go off to college, I'll meet a foreign boy who happens to be a prince and fall in love and... well you should probably watch the movie to know what else I'm holding out hope for. 

Wish Upon a Star- Ah young Katherine Heigel... This '96 movie is one of my favorite cheesy teen movies I've seen on Netflix lately. 

Ernest Saves Christmas- Okay I'm a child. But Ernest is absolutely hilarious and this is one of my new favorite Christmas movies. 

Mr Peabody and Sherman- Which is also a Netflix original TV show... which is kinda funny , but again- I'm a child and I think almost everything is funny. But anyways, I really liked this movie. 

Bridget Jones diary- It's British... but still really good! Starring Hugh Grant who has really nice hair btw.

White Christmas- One of my absolute favorite Christmas movies. The fact it was on Netflix this year made me insanely, ridiculously happy. My sister and I absolutely love the sisters song -- both times it's sung in the movie. If you haven't seen this you are truly missing out. 

13 Going on 30- Jennifer Garner plays Jenna and Mark Ruffalo plays Jenna's childhood best guy friend -- who actually likes her. Can I just say, on my 13th birthday I was just wishing to be 16 so I could have a humongous party. 

White Chicks- This movie had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee. It's got two African American cops that disguise themselves as very basic white chicks. I loved this so much.

Serendipity- I want to leave everything to chance and put all my trust in destiny like Sara can. Watching this movie at night had me on an emotional rollercoaster trying to keep up with all the craziness that John Cusack (another one of my favorites)'s character, Jonathan go through trying to find eachother again. also how fun of a word is serendipity? I love it. 

Now, PLEASE give me some Netflix recommendations y'all! Goodness knows, I'm obsessed... I'd love to know what y'all are watching lately! For more movies that I love, read this post. 

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