Dec 21, 2015

Chillin' in 90's Denim

GET CRUNK homies, not only am I gonna show y'all this fun look, but I'm gonna share some of my fav "90's" terms/slang/phrases ect. 

So the other day I was chillin' in my crib y'know just kinda lounging about and wanted to wear something a little different for a dank Saturday Vibes look. And I stumbled across this fly jacket that was my momma's from like the 90's. I thought it was sweet and knew it would look hella wicked in insta posts, and dude was I right! 

obviously this is a different outfit... just wanted to share

Now for some of my favorite phrases/terms from the 90's (that I still use... fairly regularly):

-Take a chill pill
-No duh
-Home skillet
-As if
-All that and a bag of chips
-What up dawg
-Jacked up

What are your fav phrases from the 90's? P.S. I was born in 2000 but still speak 90's fairly well...

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