Dec 23, 2015

25 Signs You're Actually an Elf

It's that time of year folks... And some of us are definitely more "in the spirit" than others. Some are still unsure about this whole Christmas joy and excitement and keep their cool until the pie comes out for Christmas dinner. But others? Are Christmas elves and there is just no denying it... Me personally? 100% an elf. 

You know you're really an elf when...

You eat candy canes for breakfast

Your Christmas playlist starts on Halloween and doesn't stop until about Groundhog's (but it does stop so you can get back to your elf-ly duties)

You record every, and I mean every, Christmas movie, tv show episode, and special on tv

Your Netflix queue is filled up with even more Christmas movies

You can quote Elf forwards, backwards, and upside down

Every dessert you can think of has to have some kind of peppermint before you can eat it

You see little kids sitting on Santa's lap and you're this close to tearing up, but then you have to pull yourself together because well you gotta hop in line and get your picture too! Gotta let the big man know that you're spreading Christmas cheer just as he would expect...

Christmas sheets. Need I say more?

There's a Christmas tree in your room, the hallway, the bathroom, um everywhere?

Every time you see a Christmas tree you snap a pic and post it on the 'gram

Wham! Is your jam.... You know, Last Christmas? 

You sprinkle a little Christmas magic wherever you go -- like actually literally sprinkling.

Every Santa Claus you've ever met loves you

As tradition serves, you still write letters addressed to the North Pole

You don't need a song to remind you not to pout or cry.. You ALREADY know Santa's coming to town, and your handy Christmas countdown app you keep on your phone year long certainly keeps you on track with your elfly duties

Stuffing the stockings and trimming the tree the night before is your favorite part

You relax after a hard day filled with elf-ly duties with a humongous mug of hot cocoa

You wear what others might call "tacky Christmas sweaters" without any party or event to wear them to

You're the one your friends go to when they need to borrow a Santa hat... You have plenty to spare

The best gifts always come from you

You dance around with the tinsel before decking the halls

You shake every snowglobe. EVERY SNOWGLOBE.

You truly believe it's the most wonderful time of the year

You answer the phone and say " *your name here* what's your favorite color? "
You're short.........

You hear that Bing Crosby and you drop everything

So, are your theories confirmed? Is that one friend you always have questions about really an elf? Or maybe, you learned something about yourself that you weren't aware of! Either way, Merry Christmas to you and yours from me :) Wishing you the merriest of merriest!

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