Nov 10, 2015

Warby Parker Winter 2015

I don't wear glasses... but if I did they would be tortoiseshell and from Warby Paker. I love the classic styles that are for sale on their website. The Warby Parker Winter 2015 collection goes live today, and let me just tell you the collection is stunning. It's a much more cooler palette of greys, blues, and crystals. Men and women's eyeglasses and sunglasses styles that are just too perfect. New styles are made from premium acetate (starting at $95) as well as Japanese titanium (starting at $145). Not just with these new styles from the Winter collection, but with all pairs made by Warby Parker, each pair you buy, another is given to someone in need. Here are my favorite pairs from the new Winter collection:
Dempsey in Polished Gold
Chelsea in Whistler Grey
Baker in Striped Sassafras

Chilton in Blueberry Buckle

Upshaw in Polished Gold

Wilder in Whiskey Tortoise

Wilder in Blue Squall Fade

Suede booties and statements
These styles, colors, frames, and craftsmanship of the new glasses from the Winter collection are beautiful. Personally, the tortoiseshell color is dark but still casual and able to be worn with literally everything. The "Whiskey Tortoise" color as well as "Striped Sassafras" are my favorites. Tell me your favorite style in a comment below!

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