Nov 16, 2015

Stripes & Chai

Hey y'all! Thought I would KICK off this week with a super fun and actually really warm and cozy Walmart proof look complete with stripes, denim, a plaid/herringbone blanket scarf, rose gold, and chai tea (because I'm obsessed) (also talk about a run on sentence... oops). I am 100% in love with this blanket scarf a) because not as many people have this one.. unlike that one Zara scarf that people (I'm included in this) are still obsessing over. and b) because plaid is kinda my thing in the Fall/Winter and it just goes with the black and white herringbone so perfectly so yeah in LOVE. 

I'm probably gonna get asked about this so why not address it now....  I'm drinking Bigelow's Vanilla Chai tea which is heavenly with a little Stevia might I add. I've been drinking like 3 cups a night (which is probably not too healthy but when you're addicted you're addicted). And this adorable (and humongous but in a good way) initial mug is from *drumroll please* CVS! Only the best pharmacy out there carries these fab fab mugs which are located in their Christmas gift/candy section. They may/may not have at your location.. but always worth a look! My apologies to my instagram followers who have seen this mug over 10 times. Also another apology to my instagram followers about this scarf... I've worn it literally 20 times in a week and every time I post a picture on instagram (because seriously, who would I be if I didn't?). 

Anyways... Hope you enjoy this little outfit that I'm major heart eyes emoji-ing over 

I swear I don't have gray hair... this is just an insanely sharp photo when it copies over.

I honestly don't know what this face is.. So many possible captions for it...

Demonstrating how a chicken scratches in the dirt... don't ask don't ask. How I managed to keep my face so serious while flapping and scratching... the world may never know.

"Hey Tirzah (that's my sister's name btw) I think there's someone in the woods.... *brief moment of fast heartbeats and panic* wait nevermind.. it was a squirrel"

*Seriously hoping there's not a spider in these leaves*

I swear the faces I make when I'm throwing leaves just CRACK me up

Tried to get her to focus on MY HAND and not these foreground leaves... whatever

One of the awkwardest pictures I'll ever post... my scarf and that squat... everything is so awkward

That moment when you realize that the leaves you're throwing up are about to come down

cont. of the same realization... yes folks it turns out gravity is still in full swing

A bit of a late snap.. 

Hey, I'm Cath nice to meet you *waving emoji*

I think I'm a duck... 

Hey Congrats! You made it to the end of these ridiculous photos and captions! Yay for you!!! I hope you liked this outfit and my interesting facial expressions. Happy Monday friends! Wishing you a wonderful week...

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