Nov 27, 2015


Alright folks... IT'S FRIYAY!

Now I'm pleased to say I won't be spending this Friday out shopping (unless you count the trips to the state park gift store right outside the cabin... I'm picking up like 3 sweatshirts and life is good let me tell ya. See my last post to see where I'm staying for the rest of the week). If you are spending this Friday out shopping, I'm praying for you. Like please stay safe and don't go too crazy. Best of luck that you find the best deals, cutest clothes, most fab accessories, and that you don't get trampled in the process. 

Now, if you're new here... I freaking love you, WELCOME. If you're returning, you know I love you with my whole heart and that you're always welcome here. But Fridays are pretty fun here on Classy Cathleen. I get to round up all of my favorite things from the internet this past week... and link them all up for you to explore. This is not like those other little link posts you might find on the internet because I include like 30-40 links each week. Soooo you can see you picked a good day to swing by my blog! Hope you enjoy the post, happy clicking, happy shopping, and happy late Thanksgiving!

Bella & Lexie put together some FABULOUS Thanksgiving outfits... that not only worked for Thanksgiving, but will inspire your outfits for the rest of the season as well!

That's it for today folks! Keep up with me on Instagram (@classycathleen) and follow along with my beach adventures xo

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