Nov 13, 2015


It felt really weird last Friday when I didn't have a post up or tweets scheduled recognizing those in that week's edition of Friyay Links. As you may have seen in this post last week was crazy. This past week was better.. much better. Taking time to yourself is very important -- that's the one major thing I've learned from blogging. But anyways, if you're new around here... you might not know what Friyay links are.... Let me fill you in. Every Friday (last week being an exception) I list out all the fun things I've discovered on the internet throughout the week. So what are you waiting for? Happy clicking!

How to throw an AWESOME party on a budget

The Real Housewives of Potomac are coming to Bravo

How to avoid getting sick in college

Shia LaBeof watches his own movies.. and here are some pictures of him

What flavor poptart are you? I'm strawberry

OBSESSED with the uber chic design of The Glitter Guide

Victoria's Secret Models... Without makeup

Here's Helene's thoughts on becoming a full time blogger...

This word association test guesses your age and gender... I got a early 20 aged female... I mean it's accurate if you add 5

IRL, Fleek, and Facepalm got added to the dictionary

Tour the home of the founder of Margo & Me

What Kimberly learned from waiting 7 months on a guy...

Cristina tells us to be our own person.. and why it's important

Love lessons learned from Gilmore Girls

15 things Olivia Pope needs to come fix

6 beauty hacks NOT TO TRY

Fall DIY's

Life's too short for boring hair... so why not dye it gray?

Warby Parker's Winter Collection went LIVE

Here are the most life changing songs about Friday

Some Fashion inspiration from you to me xo

Use Rachel's code on this camera strap to get it for ONLY $5!!! "RACHEL"

Valuable Lessons Rachel's Learned from her ex

The History of BRAS

Need this dress! Perfect for Thanksgiving and for real.. who doesn't love a cowl neck?

Paulina's Bloopers cracked me up! I have my fair share of crazy/weird/typical Cath shots saved up

Seriously wishing I was as fab as Olivia when I was in 8th grade #modelstatus

Social Media vs. Reality

Here's Catherine's three fav tv shows! I watched a few episodes of Quantico and I'm hooked already

Loving how classic and simple this Old Navy shift is

Well that's it from me this week, friends! xo

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