Nov 25, 2015

Blue & LL Bean

So as I said in the post I published... hmm about an hour ago. I'm staying at Hunting Island. You would know this if you keep up with me on Instagram, which if don't you totally should! Anyways, I went to Old Navy last weekend and the entire store was 40% off so I jumped for joy... and loaded the cart. This sweater was one of the things that I threw into the cart. Yesterday was all about the layers because lemme tell ya it was rather chilly outside. This was underneath another layer and a coat. Also talk about a background... It reminded me of Summer and all the palmetto trees made me so happy so I just had to take pictures... Keep scrolling to see some really weird pictures of me (some might save these for blogger bloopers but since I am in no ways perfect... I have these pictures in abundance). 

goodness gracious... the faces I make

Please no pictures please

I don't have a caption for this one.... I just don't even know

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