Oct 7, 2015

Movies to Add to your List

PLEASE tell me you have a movies-to-watch list! Please please please please please! Mine grows longer and longer by the day... I don't consider myself one who really keeps up with the news channels or tv shows (besides Scream Queens.. Because honestly, I'm hooked), but I can always find time to watch a movie. Not gonna lie, most of these are chick flicks or include romance in some way/shape/form. What can I say.. I'm a sappy 15 year old girl who realizes how absolutely beautiful Hollywood can make love out to be (this usually results in tears.. and lots of them) and how totally nonexistent my teen love life is. But I'm okay with that honestly I am... I just think something about watching sappy movies at like 4 AM isn't healthy because the amount of tears that can flow over 10 Things I Hate About You is kind of insane.... BUT ANYWAYS. These are movies I have seen, and I TOTALLY recommend. And by recommend I mean swear by because I am obsessed/addicted/in love with the characters and plot lines of every single movie that will be included in this post. You can judge me all you want, but you have to see these movies. Oh- and most importantly! Tweet at me what your movie list is.. I'm always looking to add some new titles to my list.. you now know what type I'm most interested in.. And also let me know as you cross these off your list, and tell me what you think about them too! Okay get ready for a whole lot of chick flicks and sappy romance movies....

  • The Princess Diaries: A CLASSIC featuring the fabulous Anne Hathaway and the ever-so-wonderful, Julie Andrews
  • Princess Diaries 2 Royal Engagement: MUST SEE if you're obsessed with the original movie.. sadly Michael isn't in this one, but there's a new boy.. and a bit of loathing and loving that is just too good. 
  • 10 Things I Hate About You: Based off of some Shakespeare play.. but it's fabulous. Heath Ledger is in it and there's a paint ball fight and prom.. In other words, you have to see it.
  • 13 Going On 30: I saw this for the first time over the Summer, and it's absolutely perfect. I was crying in some parts -- I'm not even lying. Jennifer Garner's character will be me when I'm 30.. I'm like 100% sure about that. 
  • Heathers: Thanks to Courtney for introducing me to this movie.. It's masterful. If you haven't seen this movie, you simply haven't lived. This is the movie that all mean girls- esque movies should be bowing down to. Also someone get me some corn nuts ASAP
  • Never Been Kissed: Dear Drew Barrymore, you ma'am are my favorite. What happens when an undercover reporter goes back to high school? Guess you'll have to watch and see!
  • 27 Dresses: Dear Katherine Heigl, you ma'am are also my favorite... And hello Edward from Enchanted! Always nice to see a familiar face. You will never hear Bennie and the Jets the same way EVER. I cried multiple times in this movie. 
  • She's all that: Michaela can tell you.. I was kinda a wreck watching this movie. I'm 99.9% sure I was a crying mess, but also freaking out almost the entire time because of who all was in this movie! See if you can recognize any faces, and then afterwards check that cast list and see if you missed anyone!
  • The Devil Wears Prada: Yet another one of my queens, Anne Hathaway stars in this incredible INCREDIBLE MOVIE. I'm obsessed. Also starring Adrian Grenier who is another one of my favs. 
  • Sixteen Candles: Hello Hello Miss Molly Ringwald. "Chronologically you're 16 today.. Physically.. you're still 15. Hopeless" me when I turn 16 next July. Except I'll still be looking 10. Also, I'm a sophomore this year.. and still riding the bus.. so this is insanely relatable. I love the insight on the guy's side. This freshman to senior back and forth drives me absolutely crazy it's one of my favorites FOR SURE. Gosh just someone tell me please where I can get a senior that looks that GOOD and even after talking to grandparents and some crazy chinese guy STILL WANTS TO COME TALK TO ME! Like hello he's a keeper! If anyone finds him.. send him my way please. 
  • Dirty Dancing: Michaela knows, okay. She knows my obsession. If you haven't seen this literally what the crap is wrong with you. Tell your roommate Patrick Star adios (please tell me someone got that.. because he lives under a rock?) and come watch a classic. 
  • Dirty Dancing - Havanna Nights: obsessed doesn't even begin to describe. Holy cow holy cow holy cow. Javier's smile is everything. Literally everything. You must see this. cough cough Michaela cough cough
  • Penelope: Okay this is such a cute and sad and happy and wonderful movie all at the same time oink oink just trust me, you must add this to your list.
  • Sydney White: Amanda Bynes is one of my favorites too.. this movie is so so cheesy but if you like movies about sororities, this one is full of them! And also a hottie prince and fairest of them all myspace or tumblr page.. it's pretty great. 
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic: Boy oh boy this one was... amazing. Forever wishing I could be Rebecca Bloomwood and find a Luke Brandon and that I could be as well known as "The Girl in the Green Scarf".. but maybe not green. Maybe navy? 
  • Elle - A Modern Cinderella Tale: Dreams really do come true.. A beautiful country singer meets Sterling Knight..... goals goals goals and I know I'm not the only one that's secretly had a crush on Sterling Knight since Starstruck came out way back in 2010
  • A Cinderella Story: Hillary Duff & Chad Michael Murray are my favorite. No other words other than favorite. I'm forever calling Lucas in OTH Austin Ames just because this movie is forever my favorite. I can't even say anything else about it. If you haven't seen it... you might as well just tell people to forward your mail to Patrick Star because you'll be joining him under that rock very soon. 
  • Easy A: Emma Stone, I bow down. You are a queen. I'm obsessed with this movie also featuring lonely boy. 
  • Drive Me Crazy: Featuring Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier who are my absolute favs. I'm obsessed with this classic '99 movie. 
  • No Strings Attached: SO GOOD hello Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman
  • Fault in our Stars: I cry I cry I cry. So many tears. 
  • Clueless: The best of the best of the best of the absolute freaking best. UGH AS IF
  • What a Girl Wants: Michaela taught me never hook up with a guy in a foreign country. But this movie is incredible... Featuring Amanda Bynes!
  • Twilight: Who doesn't love vampires and werewolves and high school. 
  • My Fake Fiance: One of the greats... Featuring Melissa and Joey. 
  • Whatever it Takes: Just like in Drive Me Crazy.. I have always loved that dream boy next door neighbor that you've been best friends forever with and then wake up that one day and realize that it was meant to be... okay I'm a sap I'm a sap I know I know. But y'all this movie has James Franco AND Shane West.. It's amazing. 
  • Secret Admirer: SO GOOD. This huge mix up that all starts because this girl who's in love with this guy encourages him to write a love letter to this other girl.. Then the parents get involved and it's absolutely hysterical. Elly and I watched it together.. She knows it's one of my favs FOR SURE
  • A Walk To Remember: Yet another movie I CRIED watching. I did not see the cancer thing coming AT ALL I was bawling like a little baby curled up in bed just dying I swear. Mandy Moore is the absolute best and also Shane West? yes yes yes
  • The Notebook: I cry I cry.. The ending gets me every single time. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  • She's the Man: Amanda Bynes AND Channing Tatum all based off of Shakespeare?! I loved this one...
  • Sorority Wars: Hey PLL fans! Have you seen Aria in this one? It's pretty great if you ask me..
  • Little Manhattan: I love Josh Hutcherson. Bridge to Terabithia and Little Manhattan was only the beginning. He's too cute in this movie.. Throwback to '05 anyone?
  • Nancy Drew: What started my obsession with Emma Roberts... I can't look at her in Scream Queens without seeing Nancy. True Story bro when I was younger -- and still am, I was obsolutely obsessed with the Nancy Drew books. I always admired her Super Sleuthing skills and forever wished I could be her. This movie was my favorite for the longest time. 
  • Harry Potter: Anyone up for a marathon? I did.. all summer long. Of coursre I read the books in the 4th grade and waited until the 10th before watching the movies...
  • Just My Luck: Hello Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine... This movie was a classic romcom with some bad luck in the mix. 
  • Ella Enchanted: I just adore the amount of girl power that Anne Hathaway represents in this movie. Forever a favorite. 
  • LOL: Shoutout to Miley Cyrus' old gorgeous beautiful long hair... 
  • Love, Rosie: Lily Collins and Sam Clafin are great in this movie! It's one of those funny sad kind of plots where oppurtunities are missed continually as time passes. 
  • Letters to Juliet: The ending is pretty cute, and I live for the ice cream scene... 
  • Wish Upon A Star: Featuring Katherine Heigl and Danielle Harris it is FOR SURE a favorite.. I wish I had the balls that this chick does -- watch you'll see what I mean. 
  • Starstruck: My favorite my favorite my favorite. Holy repetition sorry y'all. I guess if Sterling Knight wasn't 26...... Also, he was born in Hilton Head, SC HELLLOOOO I'm from Columbia!! 
  • Teen Spirit: Lindsey Shaw is amazing, again PLL fans say hello to Paige! This movie starts out with the prom queen getting electrocuted.... what a hook, right?
  • Geek Charming: What can I say I'm a sucker for Disney Channel Originals... This is one of the last DCOM's that was actually decent. 
  • Lizzie Mcguire Movie: THE BEST go ahead and pay up because Patrick Star has a spot for you under his rock IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS YOU HAVE NO CHILDHOOD. After watching follow Lizzie on twitter (the greatest account OMG)
  • Read it and Weep: SO GOOD I loved this Disney Channel original 
  • West Side Story: I'm in love with this movie... It's such a classic
  • The Princess Bride: I'm not ashamed to admit that I am in love with this movie.. 
  • 16 Love: The guy in this movie looks vaguely reminds me of Jesse McCartney but he's not quite as cute and plays tennis. And Lindsey Shaw is in it too and she's kind of great
  • The Wedding Date: It's really good.. I cried actually at the end because I loved it so much. Well actually it's pretty cheesy and I'm kind of ashamed that I cried, but we'll just say that's because I watched it after midnight. 
  • Keith: Jesse Mccartney used to be that guy that my 9 year old self obsessed over.. but only because he sang that song Get Your Shine on in one of the Kim Possible movies. This movie is so so sad I absolutely died at the end the tears were falling and I was just bawling, man. 
  • Hunger Games: ALL OF THEM. I'm obsessed. They just give me the feels man. When Rue died I was bawling my eyes out, boy oh boy was I a mess. The cave scene had me going too... and like all of Catching Fire gets me. I'm pretty in love with the whole series. 
  • Avalon High: Quite possibly my absolute favorite Disney Channel original. I felt so empowered afterwards and I wanted to be Allie or King Arthur.. honestly either will do.Course I was like 9...
  • Leap Year: Wow so now all I wanna do is go to Dublin and propose to the first man I see in a pub. Especially the one that owns the pub, but only if he looks like Matthew Goode and can cook chicken stew. It's on Netflix, friends and you HAVE to see it. 
  • Failure to Launch: Alright Alright... Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker star in this wild movie full of animal bites and a gal who is paid by parents to get their sons out of the house - like their adult sons that still live with them. Also starring Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha, and Zooey Deschanel as well as that kid from Disney Channel, Tyrel Jackson Williams. It's a pretty good one, take my word for it. 
  • The Truman Show: Okay this one is a little weird and made me slightly uncomfortable... but it's starring Jim Carrey and was definitely well made in my opinion. The plot is ... well, different. But still good!
  • Pleasantville: Reese Witherspoon is a goddess. She stars in yet another incredible movie with old Spiderman Tobey Maguire and Don Knotts. This one could be potentially disturbing but perspective altering and I utterly loved it. 
  • Without A Paddle: If you're lying in bed in need of an incredible adventure story... this is the movie for you. Shaggy from the live action Scooby Doo, Seth Green, as well as Dax Shepard - it's a great one. Treehouses, waterfalls, ticked off redneck pot farmers, treasure, it's fantastic. 
  • How to Marry a Millionaire: Starring Marilyn Monroe this movie is an absolute favorite of mine. 
  • Adventures in Babysitting: Being stood up by a boy who has to watch over his "sick" kid sister, Chris Parker - played by Elizabeth Shue of CSI - babysits for the Andersons. Her friend runs away from home and is stuck at a super sketch train station so the babysitter and her babies head to rescue her. Their car breaks down, they get picked up by a tow truck, family drama, ride in a car that's actively being stolen, escape from a stolen car lot, Playboy is involved, end up at a college party, hanging off the edge of a building, meeting Thor, and so much else. I REFUSE TO WATCH THE NEW ONE BECAUSE this one was just too good!
  • Roman Holiday: A classic starring Audrey and Gregory Peck. This was the first Audrey movie I had ever seen and I love it wholeheartedly
  • How to Steal a Million: Audrey and Peter O'Toole, yet another one of the greats 

Oh I'll be adding to this list don't you worry. Just wanted to share my favorites, and ask you all to tweet me anything else that I need to see! I've got a TO WATCH list that's about 38 movies long, but I will gladly add to it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help a girl out! I hope I gave some of you a bookoo of stuff to do on your next bad weather day off from school, holiday break, sick day, crazy insomnia nights.. I don't know whenever else you would need to watch some sappy moves that are actually incredible and you too will be obsessed with. 

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