Oct 9, 2015


Because the state of South Carolina is currently flooded... I had the week off from school. I'm not the type of person that just sits around while so many are in need of food, water, shelter, and clothes. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything like that, but I have been volunteering at a Local church that has doubled into a humongous distribution center. Volunteering in just the past two days, I've worked a total of 18 hours, and I'm working another 10 all day today. I've seen so many families come in and get the things that they need.. and it just breaks my heart the situation that these people are in, and fills my heart with joy when they get the items that they need to start back on the right track. I've worked with so many students this past week, and I wish there were more that realized how much their help is needed at these shelters and distribution centers and neighborhoods that have been affected. But I understand that the reset of you haven't been dealing with flooding this week, so I'm going to temporarily celebrate FRIYAY with you all! One last word on South Carolina and I'm done.. please keep these people in your prayers. There are so many that haven't even been touched yet, and that the National Guard has to reach by boat. Just please keep sending prayers and love, friends! Now on to the party.....

Remember my post way back when.. and by that I mean like 2 weeks ago on being a 15 year old and blogging? Paulina wrote her own spinoff off of my post, and can I just say it was INCREDIBLE you must read!

Time to stock up on some stationery from Carde Blanche!

I have put together a HUGE list of my favorite movies, and if you haven't seen them.. YOU BETTER add them to your list ASAP! Tweet at me and tell me which movies are your favorite. 

WEBINAR! 5 Reasons bloggers fail and how to avoid it.. I'm just gonna say I haven't seen it yet, but any free webinar is worth a watch!

Obsessing over Carrie's tee *insert heart eye emoji*

Oh how I love over the knee boots, and how Cara styled them!

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