Oct 23, 2015


It's that time of the week folks... No not Shark Tank, not Amazing Race, not America's Next Top Model, Masterchef Junior, and not Undateable.. so sorry to disappoint. Actually, It's just FRIYAY. And for those of you that might be in the dark as to what and why FRIYAY LINKS are so important here on Classy Cathleen.... allow me to turn on the light!

I love Fridays.. Almost more than I love pizza! And I think it is VERY VERY important to celebrate each and every day.. especially Fridays. So here on Classy Cathleen, every week when FRIYAY rolls around, I share some of my favorite links from around the internet that I stumbled across throughout the week. I share, you click, we all celebrate, life's a party! Ready? Best of the internet here we go...

Here's Rachel's drugstore beauty favs... and also she wrote a post on being sick at college that you gotta check out too!

Easy DIY Halloween Treats from Auteur Ariel

21 Things all girls with big brothers understand... this even applies if your big brother has autism like mine, just a little different hahaha

And that wraps up another FRIYAY LINKS... Hope you had fun clicking (so sorry about all the tabs you have to go through now) my bad my bad... kidding. I'm not sorry! Have a great rest of your FRIYAY and happy weekend! 

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