Aug 13, 2015

Who Says Type B's Can't Be (kinda) Organized?

I'm back for another #bloggersBTS post! This week, as you know if you saw one of my realest posts on this blog ever, we are talking organization! And by we, I mean my co host, Nicole, and I, and everyone who is participating in the linkup!  It's been so much fun for me this week.. because well, I am a type B. 100%. No denying it. I really don't have a big organizational system in my life because I can almost completely manage without one. I've never really been a neat freak or an obsessive cleaner. I'm super laid back basically all the time, but over the years I've learned that yes, in order to get EVERYTHING done, I need to channel that teensy-tiny-itty-bitty bit of type A in me to get all things checked off.

For those type b's out there, it's weird getting all the stuff that type a's need and love.. and not having to use them as much. I'm typically pretty good at keeping a mental list of things I need to get done,  but I have been known to forget things.. so that's why I need the security blanket of basic organization.

*Side note: I feel like no blogger talks about being type b.. I only see type a's mentioned out in the blog-o-sphere.. But whatever! It's time for you to keep reading the post :)*

A basic notebook is totally a staple. Whether you use it for to-do lists, like I am above, or notes, or just listing out random ideas.. YOU NEED notebooks. You don't have to go all extreme and color code like the type a's.. but you do need to have a place to write down those things that you might forget otherwise! I love T.J.Maxx and Target for these fun little notebooks.

I have multiple planners that I use for all things. I basically write the same thing in both agendas.. If I have a super busy week, I like to write important dates and events in my Kate Spade agenda, and copy them into my Amy Ruth Designs planner later. I feel like the more times I write things, the more "stuck" in my head they are. I'm the type of person who loves aka has to must know what's going on (idk if that's type a or b.. let's just call it type: CATHLEEN).

I love using both of these planners because Amy Ruth Designs makes their planners so that you can fill in the dates yourself. I love having that option! Sometimes there are only certain weeks I really need to plan, or if I'm working on scheduling blog posts in advance to cover for a vacation.. It's handy to just fill it in myself.

As far as the Kate Spade one goes.. if you follow me on social media, you might have noticed that I have not shown a new 2015-2016 agenda. I have a very good reason behind that actually.. I didn't get one. When Kate Spade announced that their new agendas were available for purchase on their site, I made a mad dash. I was anxious to see if Bella Bookshelf would be brought back this year. They didn't bring it back. So mainly because I am beyond obsessed with Bella bookshelf, and because the agendas convenietly go through December 2015, I'm going to make these last months count with my favorite agenda, and in the new year decide where I'm going from there. I'm probably the only blogger to not get a new agenda for back to school, but whatever!


I know a lot of people love post it notes... I love having them on my desk, but I don't use them. They just don't really fit in with how I "organize" (if I can even call it that) my agenda. I have a bunch laying around my room, and sometimes I'll take a quick note like a phone number or email or small to-do, but I just don't use them. Also "color coded pens"(shoutout to Nicole) aren't really my thing. I love Poppin for that reason! I can purchase pens that are bright colors but don't write in bright colors. If that makes any sense? I have a post coming soon about Poppin don't worry!

 These Poppin pens... I LOVE. They all write in black except for the pool blue pen. It writes in blue! I love bright colors, but it's not always practical to write in coral or neon green. With the Poppin pens I can still have the bright colors that I love

Legal pads are another thing that I really love. But not those annoying yellow ones.. They hurt my eyes. But I think they're perfect for note taking, brainstorming, or just listing out ideas. These are from Poppin, and I've already started using them! 

Back to the whole purpose of this post.. 

Because of my laid back attitude, I am a basically a pro at procrastinating. If I got paid every time I said "eh no big.. I'll do it later" I could buy Disney World. Agendas and notebooks help me stay on task and keep me focused on finishing on time. I like writing things down or being able to look back and see things in my handwriting. Apps don't usually make too much of a difference to me as far as organization goes. I'm trying out Evernote this year (shoutout to #bloggerblab girls), but we'll see how that goes. Sometimes google calendars or the reminders on my phone are SUPER HANDY! Also when I come home I routinely open up my agenda and leave it on my bed. That way if I get side tracked and lay down -- because I'm always down for a nap -- I'll have to look at all I gotta get done first. Basically the only way to put an end to my procrastination is to have constant reminders popping out of everywhere in my face and every place I look. 

I typically stay a little neater during the school year.. I guess because of all the busy-ness, but it's still a struggle. I'm not naturally a neat freak organizing machine so I really have to think through and force myself to stay tidy. Just take this post for example! Another blogger might have totally planned out and outlined this post... Nope. Not me. And I bet you can tell too haha! So thanks to my readers who somehow follow along and maybe understand my writing? I don't even know if I do half the time! But I do try to pull myself together enough to blog! So that's enough of me getting off topic, and I guess it's time to bring this post to an end... I wanna know! Are you a type A or B and how do you keep yourself organized? Share in the comments! 

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