Aug 17, 2015

#bloggersBTS My Desk.. Talkin' bout my desk

HELLO HELLO HELLO! It's Monday and that means a BRAND NEW week here for #bloggersBTS (the HUGE linkup hosted by Nicole and I). Week one's theme was fashion, two was organization, and week three is DESKS. Nicole and I are both obsessed with looking and pinning photos of desks on Pinterest, buying cute little desk accessories and basically anything related to desks. We KNEW this had to be a part of the linkup. Keep reading to learn and see more of my desk! P.S. Bloggers looking to link up? Keep scrolling! You'll find the widget at the bottom :)

My desk isn't like most. You can't buy it online. Wanna know why? My dad built it. I am so lucky to have a dad that is super handy with power tools and wood and painting and well, everything. My dad is basically perfect. He built this desk with some scrap wood in the barn out back, and some headboard pieces too. We painted it white and he helped to sand it down real nice. And the result? Love at first sight! I'm obsessed with my desk!

Lately I've been in a bit of a mason jar kick.. Don't ask me why because I don't know.. but mason jars just look so good on the desk, and I currently have three empty ones waiting to be filled with pencils, pens, or markers! I also have this cucumber and melon candle that smells incredible that is also in a jar! When I was up in Table Rock a couple weekends ago, we stopped in an antique shop where I found these glass and silver coasters. I knew I needed them! There was also a bunch of mason jars and the man running the shop gave me a small discount which was so kind of him. The two others came from a Hobby Lobby sale.. and have yet to be put to use. Also, I'm a child at heart so I keep a box of crayons on my desk if I ever just need a chill break to color.

I picked up the CUTEST pencils from the dollar section at Target that are in one of my jars along with my Poppin pens! I like to keep my desk colorful where I can.. y'all have heard me say this before: My aesthetic is myself .. so I really don't worry over keeping all my accessories specific colors.

In the glass beside my pens and pencils, I have my Hampton Art calligraphy markers. I'm no calligraphy expert, but it is nice to have these accessible because I take most of my white background photos for instagram right here on my desk.. which means if I want to write something cute and 'gram it.. I need my markers.. You know the image I use for FriYAY links? Yep. I drew that!

In my other cup I just keep scissors and colored pencils.. I found these ADORABLE double sided pencils a few months ago, and I love keeping those right here. I actually painted this mug myself. It was so tall and skinny that at first glance I knew exactly what I would do with it! I needed a pencil cup anyways.. so it really worked out perfectly!

I typically either have my phone on my desk, or charging at the outlet right beside my desk. I love this Amy Ruth Designs case! Also, this adorable little tin came from World Market! It had some super yummy salted caramel wafers in it, and it still smells incredible.. See my Instagram for the photo!

I like to keep cards and stationery at easy access because often times during the school year, I take a few minutes to write the letter and put it in the bowl you see right next to it and then bring it to the mailbox the next day. Usually I have stamps under there too!

If you've ever gotten snail mail from me, I probably put a piece of washi tape on it.. I love all my tape (and need to get some more soon!)

Another Amy Ruth Designs product! These page flags  (more designs here, here, and here) are perfect as you're reading or taking notes or marking important things in your agenda.. I love all the prints, and they keep my desk fun and colorful too! Also, it is totally necessary to have gold binder clips instead of the plain black ones.

Kinda the overhead view of most of my desk.. The bowl you see in the bottom corner is actually something I made in art last year.. It fits perfectly on my desk, and it's unique shape is super handy for storing cards in or other small things. I love these paper coasters from The Blush Label, They are too adorable, but they also protect the surface of my desk.

It's so important for you to have a light snack on your desk while you're hard at work. I like blueberries, carrots, Pocky, pretzels, and apple slices.. You need easy to eat foods, but also fairly healthy foods.

I'm LOVING my Camelbak waterbottle! It doesn't spill so it's perfect for keeping on a white desk like mine. Of course I snatch it off and take it other places too, but while I'm at home, it's usually on my desk.

Did you hear about the Day Designer X Blue Sky collaboration that was sold at Target? I freaked out when I found out! Day Designer? At Target? Affordable? Yay, Yay, and TRIPLE YAY! I didn't get a chance to get out to my Target in quite a while so when I visited this past weekend and found this adorable patterned planner.. I'm gonna give it a whirl and see if I find it helpful!

Well, now you know where every single post on Classy Cathleen comes from.. I sit down at my "thinking corner" and write away! Look for more posts on desks and desk related things coming to the blog this week... Can't wait :) BLOGGERS: Nicole and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE for you to join the linkup! Email me if you would like more information, and I'll send it right over! Remember a fun twitter chat for all bloggers to join hosted by Nicole, Jamie, and I, THIS WEDNESDAY @ 7:45 (introductions) 8:00 (questions) PM EST And link up your desk related Back to school posts below! Use #bloggersBTS on Twitter & Instagram when sharing :)

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