Aug 14, 2015

#bloggersBTS X #bloggerblab Recap

This week was WEEK TWO of #bloggersBTS or in real human words.. Bloggers Go Back to School. You know, that HUGE linkup that Nicole and I are hosting ALL MONTH LONG! So the week before the linkup started, my friends, Jamie and Nicole and I all co hosted our first twitter chat. And let me tell you, it was a huge success (read the recap here)! When the linkup started the following week, the three of us knew we would have to start doing these weekly in honor of going back to school (.. ew right.. but #bloggerblab makes it a little more fun.) and to go along with the linkup! So then last week was fashion week on #bloggerblab (check the recap here). And this past week was ORGANIZATION -- so that's what we discussed on Wednesday night at 8:45-10 ish! Keep reading to see what happened, we had so many girls that were all so active and the chat was crazy.. but don't get me wrong, I LOVED IT, just expect some craziness in this post!

basically how the chat started.. We love Brooke!
And another reason we love Brooke...

Then after a bunch of happy introductions, some old faces, some new faces.. we got into questions!
And here's what we learned:

We got all kinds of responses! The obvious Lilly & Kate.. But also some Erin Condren and too! Oh and how could I forget Vera Bradley and Rifle Paper Co.. Even VS!
We LOVE it when y'all ask side questions that go along with the conversation! Ashley's question started a few conversations which was great!
And Cristina's view during #bloggerblab was just too beautiful

Then the next question rolled around...

Y'all's responses were just so great! We got so many mixed opinions and real discussions already in the first two questions!


It's always so fun for me to see everyone's uniqueness through chats like these.. I love that everyone stays organized in different ways!



Brooke.. casually.. started a math/physics conversation.

And Jamie casually brings in Jack Black


And then I must have forgot to invite Lila to the #bloggerblab.. poor puppy was sad
Then us being the bloggers that we are started talking about Target.. because obsessed


We love everyone that comes to chat with us on Wednesday's! We love you all XO

Next Question!


And that's basically everything.. plus this post is INSANELY LONG! I don't know if this format works for you guys.. but I love being able to feature my #bloggerblab gals!

Happy FRIYAY!  

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