Aug 7, 2015

#bloggersBTS X #bloggerblab RECAP

On Wednesday, Nicole and I (Jamie was in Puerto Rico) hosted another #bloggerblab! In honor of the #bloggersBTS linkup (see my posts here & here) we discussed back to school fashion. Nicole and I got to planning this here Twitter chat.. probably 3-4 hours prior to the chat itself.. It was kind of a last minute thing. BUT WE WERE SO SURPRISED BY THE RESPONSE AND THE TURNOUT! Thanks to everyone who came! But for those who couldn't make it -- and you don't necessarily want to scroll through all the tweets hash-tagged.. Here's what went down:

We welcomed everyone into the chat & intros started at about 8:45 pm. About like 10 minutes later.. Nicole and I realized that we never mentioned what we would be discussing in the #bloggerblab that was officially beginning in 5 minutes. So we took care of that haha

Then the questions started

And here were some of the answers:

Usually a one-word-response isn't enough for me.. but I let this one slide, because really. Who doesn't love shopping for shoes!

Question numero dos:
+ a follow up by yours truly

Next question:

At this point in the chat.. The conversation was mainly on scarves and pens..



We love Brooke.. She keeps our #bloggerblab hilarious and VERY entertaining

Cassie brought up this great point.. and I couldn't agree more!


followed by Brooke who made us LOL
But back to some other responses

I loved Nicole's next question!

I liked seeing all these different responses..

HEY NOW HEY NOW THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF -- We made plans to invite LIZZIE to next week's chat

I think #bloggerblab is now everyone's favorite..
Oh and then Nicole invented color-coded pens
That basically sums up #bloggersBTs X #bloggerblab fashion edition.. I hope you didn't too terribly mind all these embedded tweets... And PLEASE join us next Wednesday on Twitter at 8:45 ish! We would love for you to join in on the fun!

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