Aug 24, 2015

#bloggersBTS A Couple DIY's to try

I love the idea of a good do-it-yourself project.. Heck I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated and stuffed to the top filled with inspiration and DIY projects. So I just am not the best at completing those DIY projects. They never come out quite the way I had pictured in my head and often times I just have to get creative. Guys, I couldn't even washi tape some pencils because the tape was getting tangled and bent and stuck to itself so... that was that. 

So the main DIY project I was focussed on was the Kate Spade inspired conversation type pencils. I headed to my local Walmart and bought 8 packs of cheap pencils so I could paint them... Then as I was perusing the office supplies and paints for the pencils, I discovered chalkboard paint.

I have always wanted chalkboard paint ever since I was a little kid honestly. I thought it was such a cool idea to just paint, and then be able to write in chalk on something.. Like how awesome is that?! I scooped it up and raced to the cashier so I could purchase the paint before changing my mind. I went back to Walmart yesterday only to find the clipboards marked down to 50 cents. I thought it was just meant to be so I grabbed one and took off.

So of course as soon as I got home, I got to work painting the clipboard...

oh yeah.. then there was this notebook that I painted too.. because really a chalkboard notebook how much cooler does it get?

These are the paints I picked up.. I was really feeling the blue! And then I figured I should throw in another color just so it wasn't too boring.

So I was painting these pencils see, and I don't know.. they just weren't coming out good. I was making a mess, paint everywhere, dropping brushes, dog fur, yuck, and then I had like a few good ones so I wrote on them and messed up on writing......... I just don't think it was meant to be. BUT THAT'S OKAY! You might have better luck than me! 

The second trip to Walmart, I figured what the heck and I picked up stuff to make a couple tassel bracelets. 

Out of everything else.. these came out decent. I used silver wire and ring thing just because I don't wear a lot of silver jewelry and wanted to switch it up. 

 They came out alright...

I also ended up painting a binder cover for English instead of designing one on the computer.. I actually really like how it came out.. You can barely see in the picture, but I love it!

 So all in all I learned this week that I am not a good DIY-er and me wandering into the office/craft supply section is highly dangerous seeing as how I obviously have no idea what I'm doing.. fingers crossed your #bloggersBTS DIY projects came out better than mine! Link up below, I'd love to see!

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