Aug 6, 2015

#bloggersBTS And Some More BTS Outfits..

So wrapping up the first week of #bloggersBTS ... I have another back to school outfit inspiration post. (If you missed the first one... catch it here. ) It has been so much fun hosting this linkup with Nicole and seeing all you lovely bloggers posting these awesome and creative posts for back to school. Let's be sure to keep it up for the rest of the weeks too! 

So when I was taking these outfit pictures.. I had a lot of issues. Like thunder. And lightning. And toads. And mosquitoes. And wind. And me being in a constant state of awkward. BUT DANGIT I GOT THESE PHOTOS FOR THESE POST AND I AM SET ON POSTING THEM EVEN IF IT MEANS THIS POST IS GOING UP AT LIKE 11:30 PM. 

After looking back at all the outfits.. I realized they all looked really similar. Then I realized, I'm wearing the same denim jacket in 3/4 of these looks. #oops. 

I really love this striped t-shirt dress from Target (last year, similar: here, here, and here). It's such a fun casual piece that can be styled literally thousands of ways. I loved mixing the stripes with this fall scarf. It's warm, but also basic and casual.. because I live in South Carolina, you will notice that I'm wear Jack Rogers with all these outfits. It was 95 degrees outside when I was taking these so yeah, I was kinda dying. 

So this is probably my most favorite dress in my closet... The J.Crew navy scalloped shift dress which doesn't fit in all these awkward places, but for real I'm obsessed

okay Cathleen, what the heck are you doing

no really.. like WHAT are you doing

This look is super casual. I've had this skirt for YEARS from Old Navy, and I love how it's stayed in good condition. Easy skirts are good for days when you feel like you should change out of your pajamas, and look good.. but without trying too hard.

PEACE y'all -- I'm gonna go get some ice cream

Remember earlier what I said about rain.. But I was determined.. Especially after doing some laundry and rediscovering mom's skirt. and her umbrella which just happened to match.

*tries her hardest not to step in dog crap*

Tries to be Caitlin, but that's obviously impossible

So there you go! Some more back to school outfits from yours truly. Despite all the struggles and awkwardness and everything that I had to overcome to share this post at 11 o'clock with y'all tonight... I had a lot of fun hahaha. Thanks again to EVERYONE who has been participating and reading and keeping up with #bloggersBTS. It's been a lot of fun already, and I can't wait for more!

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