Aug 3, 2015

#bloggersBTS Back to School Outfits

I literally cannot contain my excitement any longer... Today is the first post in the Bloggers Go Back To School linkup that I am hosting with the amazing Nicole of Empire Styles! This week is fashion week here with #bloggersbts and I'm sharing some easy back to school outfits.. My style tends to be pretty relaxed for school because well - it's school. But I DO like to dress up for school. I like wearing shift dresses or like a fun patterned dress with a denim jacket over it for the fall. Also Piko Shirts have been like my most favorite things lately. But let's get into these outfits I'm sharing in today's post.. 

I've really been loving this crochet scarf that I probably got when I was in the 6th grade when I had like zero fashion sense what so ever, but now I really love the scarf. It's from Old Navy but I'm almost positive you can't find it anymore.. Also, how perfect is this little bracelet that came in my Rocksbox this month! It's from Margaret Elizabeth and it's literally been one of my favorite things. P.S. use classycathleenxoxo for one free month of Rocksbox!

My North Face backpack is like THE holy grail of backpacks. I've been using it for YEARS and I just can't get enough of it. Check it out here 

Okay we don't have to talk about my awkward posing or the lighting.. I was watching my neighbors pull out because they were so judging me for wearing my bookbag like 3 weeks before school starts.

I picked up this adorable button down / oxford looking thing with this glasses print on it THAT I LOVE! 

Yes, I have awful handwriting. 

excuse my ugly self.. #nomakeup because I was #gettingthingsdone 

My Amy Ruth Designs planner is also one of my favorites because you can literally use it whenever you have a busy blogging week or just a crazy week at school that you desperately need to structure out. They come totally empty with no dates already in them which is something I find REALLY interesting. I know some weeks I use my planner less, and with this particular planner you don't waste any weeks! 

Don't look too long at this picture I have somewhat of a farmer's tan #SCgirl

But this Vince Camuto tank tho

shoutout to the wind for making this outfit close to impossible to get photos of

I totally had planned on taking a pic with me in cat ears.. but you all should be truly upset by the fact that I couldn't find them. 

So as far as back to school outfits go (there will be another post on this later this week I PROMISE) I love wearing all different styles of tops.. babydoll, oxfords, heck even tees if I'm lazy just pairing with jeans and Jack Rogers are kind of my go-to.. sometimes flats, but they hurt my feet haha. I really try my hardest to wear a dress or a skirt a 3-4/5 days a week. They're so much more comfortable sometimes than all that work to pull on jeans. But anyways, this linkup is so so exciting! I can't wait to see all who are participating and their posts! Use the cute little widget below to check out all the other posts in this linkup! Oh and be sure to follow the hashtag on twitter and instagram! 

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