Jul 1, 2015

Pre-Birthday Downtown Columbia Adventure

Lately South Carolina's been in the news. I love my state, and it killed me when I found out about the Charleston shooting. And then days later to continue to see Charleston in the news.. but South Carolina being brought up again because of the Confederate flag. It's been crazy. I really like downtown Columbia. I live about a half hour away, and Columbia is as close to "city life" as I'm gonna be for a while. I always love visiting USC and the State House and just walking around. For my birthday, we had planned that myself and a few friends would walk around campus (USC has the Horseshoe where students hang out and is just a nice little park area) and the State House snapping some outfit pics and whatnot. Sadly though, plans change. My friends were unable to go, so my parents, the amazing folks that they are, immediately offered to just hang out with me all day. I love my parents and my brother, and we just had a great time! Here's some photos I captured as we went along, but it was perfect pre-birthday fun! *Warning Picture Overload AHEAD

Our first stop was The Horseshoe. Probably one of my favorite spots downtown. I love all the bricks everywhere. Is that weird? I really like bricks. I don't know why!

 After walking around the Horseshoe.. we stumbled into the Mckissick Museum. I had never been and I really enjoyed the exhibits. It's a bit of a smaller museum, but I had a fun time.

I've always loved looking at florescent minerals. I just hope y'all have seen them before because this picture does NO justice.

hey there! I totally took advantage of some of the mirrored displays.

After learning even more about my state... we headed to the SC State House. Here's some photos from the walk: 

Remember what I said earlier about my brick obsession? 

In case you were wondering.. The flag was taken down by the activist later that day or the next morning.. I don't remember her exact time.

Immaculate Consumption for lunch was amazing... Those croissants? Holy heck. Incredible. Go stalk my Instagram and find the photo!

Remember that tweet? I walked past the building on our way back to the car, and just had to take a photo!

In all my years of living in SC, I had never once been to the Columbia Museum of Art. I finally went as an early birthday adventure, and let me tell you.. I loved it. 

Judy Garland

Paloma Picasso -- read more below

Mao Zedong


Jackie Kennedy
All the artwork shown above was done by Andy Warhol. 

I had an incredible time touring the gallery... 

Also... The gift shop had Pantone products! #gimme

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