Jul 9, 2015

Hey Bloggers Be Yourself

Heads up this post is gonna be all over the place just like me -- my true self -- my real self -- y'know what, just keep reading...

This is me. A s'mores eating, sweat pant and water proof birks wearing, relaxing by the fire in a rainbow striped hammock 

I was scrolling through Twitter lately.. 
Jamie is one of my favorite bloggers. No doubt. She's incredibly good with words, and I thoroughly enjoy following her blog and her Twitter. She posted the above tweets on Monday.

So many bloggers focus on putting on this fake persona and they turn into this person with two personalities. The seemingly perfect one that has no struggles, no worries, no concerns, and is living and loving life. I don't know if they know this, but readers (I know because I am one) can pick up when things aren't 100% real. Honestly it leads to a more tense blog? If that makes any sense.. Like they have to hold themselves back from letting their true personalities, beliefs, and loves shine through.

When I tell people I'm a blogger, I get weird looks. The bloggers that make the news and get the huge page views in my opinion are slightly insane. When you try so hard for so long to keep up with your blogging self, and hide away your true self.. Yeah, you gotta be at least a little crazy.

Social media does not help this at all.. All the different platforms just give way for more fakeness to shine through. Of course there are those bloggers that I love that are so honest with their readers. They're not scared to put their true selves out there, and I love it.. And Jamie's so right! It for sure makes your blog better when you're honest and true.

Instagram can be a huge stress maker if you're doing it wrong. Instagram is about life. Creativity. Fun. Sometimes we bloggers get so wrapped up in perfection we miss out on life, really being creative, and really having fun. Instagram is part of why bloggers compare themselves to other bloggers ALL THE TIME. Honestly, I've noticed that when my pictures reflect me, THE WHOLE ME (like the picture at the top of this post) a. I get more likes and b. it's super refreshing just to share your real life. I think as a reader, we want to connect with bloggers. We don't want this one way window where we can see into your "perfect" life while we're on the outside really living life. Going through the motions, the struggles, and the hardships. We as readers don't want a window. We want more of a glass door. Where the blogger is open, inviting, and willing to share the ugly truths, the beautiful truths and well just all the truths with their readers. The blogger has to be willing to invite us in. It can be scary, trust me I write a blog so I get it, but you gotta do it. So refreshing to just be yourself.

So why should we have two lives? Our blogging self living the blogging life in the blogging world and our real selves doing and going through the same things as everyone else. Can I just say, my blog is me. That's what I tell my friends, family, readers and followers. If you like me and how I come across online and through social media.. Then we'll be the best of buds in real life too. There is no dual personality Cathleen.

ALSO, this shouldn't be a goal for anyone... I've seen on a couple Blogging Goal Lists that the blogger needs to be more real and be themselves with their readers. I mean obviously it should be a thought in your head and if you feel yourself slipping towards more popular culture, this is what everyone is writing, blah blah blah.... Stop yourself! But I wouldn't put this on a goal list... Should it be a goal to be yourself? Who are you if you're not yourself?

TO CONNECT THE DOTS HERE: Don't blend in.. Don't be like other bloggers. You are You and that's what makes you special, and as blogging goes, that's where readers come from. You want your blog to be refreshing for readers. Something that's different and doesn't blend in with everyone else's. You can't be scared to share your life with readers. Make sure you have that glass door installed so your blog is open and inviting for everyone who stops by your site.

I'd love to hear your thoughts below, both from readers and fellow bloggers...

*I'm totally not pointing fingers at  ANYONE with this post, so please don't take offense. That was not the goal of writing this post AT ALL!

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