Jul 7, 2015

Goals (Update)

Can y'all freaking believe it?! It's July.

Just saying that is crazy. 

ANYWAYS, if you're new here.. This is just something I do monthly. I keep track of my original goals I had placed for 2015, and update y'all on how I'm doing. Honestly this post is for me. You can read, skim, or not read.. I really don't care. 

ORIGINAL Goals for 2015
Smile more 
~ Quality over Quantity (in everything. not just blogging)
~ Work on my handwriting (because mine sucks) 
~ Stay active on social media (yet another thing I suck at. unless we're talking about Pinterest...)
~ Build a loyal Classy Cathleen following (I would really love to find new readers this year!)
~ Instagram more (and another thing I'm awful at. It's a miracle if I post more than once a month.)
~ Continue to practice photography skills (I love photography, so I obviously want to get better)
~ Fix up old posts to make them the best they can be (some of my posts when I first started out were not good at all.... so I want to fix them up, and republish them out their on the web!)
~ Write more letters (snail mail is becoming a lost art, and I am determined to help to bring it back)

Smile more- I'm alright on this one. I don't see as many people over the Summer, and usually when I do they don't need as much encouragement as people at school do hahaha. But I have been trying to watch what I say and think about the results of what I say. My goal has been for myself to smile more, build other people up, but really I've learned that I need to just pay closer attention to others, then build them up.

Quality over Quantity- I'm really so proud of this. Last Summer my blog was a load of BS. All I did was share crummy pictures and put together collages and share them with y'all. Those posts sucked. I had like 5 going up a day because I was way more focused on quantity. This year, I'm so proud of how I've stopped myself from going crazy with posts and think about quality.

Handwriting- It's getting there.. I mean in the Sunday School class I help out in, this little girl, Savannah told me I had beautiful handwriting. That's gotta count for something, right?

Active on Social- CHECK CHECK CHECK! Now I just gotta stick with it through the school year..

Okay I seriously have the most amazing readers ever. Y'all make me smile. My birthday was the best ever thanks to you guys. From all the sweet messages and emails to those who came to my virtual ice cream party, y'all are just the best. I'm so blessed. 

Instagram more... YES! I love my Instagram, and I post at least once a day.. but most the time it's like 4-7 times #sorryimnotsorry

As y'all have seen in this post, and this one, you know I've been practicing my photography..

AGAIN I HAVE YET to update old posts... It'll happen eventually.

I have been sending out at least one letter a week for the past month. I also joined the Snail Mail Sisters which paired me with 3 lovely girls, Faith, Syd, and Sophia

Quick Reminder that the Bloggers Get Cookin' Linkup GOES LIVE TOMORROW! Can't wait to see what all you lovelies have cooked up for the linkup! Here's the info if you have no idea what I'm talking about. 

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