Jul 20, 2015

Bloggers Helping Bloggers

Meg of The Audacious Queen emailed me a while back with some details on something super fun, Bloggers Helping Bloggers (the name is even super fun, right?). So the internet is filled with negative thoughts, opinions, and bunches of haters. What the internet is truly lacking in is kind people willing to take the extra minute it takes to thoroughly examine someone's blog, and well, give all compliments about things they ABSOLUTELY love about their site. This was something Meg noticed, and wanted to see if we could focus on some positives.. and I think it's a wonderful idea! Here's some blogs that were originally participating in this little linkup, and my thoughts on them :)

The Audacious Queen

Meg is such a positive person, and I just love how that shines through in her writing and social media. You can just tell from reading how sweet and kind she must be, and you like automatically want to meet her in person. I've been reading her blog for almost as long as she's been blogging. I didn't really get a chance to connect with her until we were both partnered together as part of a blogger snail mail kind of thing through Instagram. She is just so so sweet, and beautiful too! I love her classic but still fun style. Her Instagram is BEAUTIFUL, I'm obsessed with her posts and she is definitely one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to my own account.

The Beautiful Little Fools

First off I absolutely, immediately, RIGHT OFF THE BAT caught the reference to Gatsby in her blog title. AND I LOVE IT! I love how Jenni is always writing about blogging or school related things. I'm a rising sophomore this year, and I know college shouldn't be too much of a focus yet.. but of course it is. I love reading Jenni's advice to others. She has a great voice in her writing that I just thoroughly enjoy reading. She also always has new and fun guest posts live on her blog. SO much fun to read!

The Fashion Newcomer

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Jamie's blog. She's just so smart! She's a real fashion blogger. Not one that shares her outfits. One that really blogs about fashion and I love it. She always has the most incredible ideas, and it just blows my mind honestly. Jamie's one of those bloggers that I would LOVE to meet at some point. I love her voice when she writes. She has such strong feelings about blogging and what it should be versus what it is typically viewed as and I love that. She's been one of my favorites for quite a while now. When I see The Fashion Newcomer in my inbox I stop everything to read her latest post. My favorite posts of her's are when she writes about the fashion industry and does big blogger collaborations.

Alkaline + Chrome

I'm somewhat of a new reader to Emma's blog.. but I love it! I'm just gonna start off by talking about her photos. They are absolutely INCREDIBLE! I love it when she goes to different events, because she is sure to share photos of everything. Her style is so unique, I absolutely love it. Her "Daily Babble" posts are definitely some of my favorites because similar to The Fashion Newcomer, many people don't share their thoughts on the fashion industry as they do about Lilly Pulitzer, Nordstrom sales, and their personal outfits. I enjoy reading Emma's blog for that reason.. I get to learn more about fashion!

Angelica Prendez

I've never read a blog with an author so passionate about her dancing as Angelica. You can tell from her face in her posts on dancing that she really loves what she does. When I first visited her blog, I thought it had been around for a year maybe more. When I scrolled along, I realized that her first post was only back in March! You can't tell that from the way she writes or her blog design or anything! So professional and easy to read. Her style is very different than mine which is probably another reason I enjoy reading so much. 

Empire Styles

Ever since I helped Nicole relaunch her blog, Empire Styles has been a weekly read for me. Nicole is just such a sweet person and that really shines through to me as I'm reading. I enjoy her content very much. Her unique style is fun and I enjoy following her across all social media. Even Polyvore! Her sets created on Polyvore are BEAUTIFUL and just her style is so mature and classic.. I love it. She's another one of those bloggers that I will definitely have to meet someday. I love it when a blogger's kind heart shines through on their social accounts and writing.. and you can tell from just reading a few posts that Nicole is a great person!

Running Alyssa

I don't read too many super specific niche blogs.. but I really like how Alyssa has a love for running, and that definitely comes across to her readers. I love how passionate she is. We're close if not the same age, so it's neat for me to hear and see her perspective, what she's interested in, and her style. She also shares some great tips for any track or just anyone who runs. Her running recaps are fun to read, and as are the rest of her more personal posts.

DEFINITELY go check out all the bloggers linked above. Thanks so much to Meg for hosting this, it was a lot of fun to go looking for all the things I love about each of these wonderful blogs! 

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