Jul 31, 2015

#bloggerblab RECAP

So over the past week or so.. Jamie and Nicole and I have become pretty great friends. We got to thinking and all three of us planned this freaking amazing thing called #bloggerblab. For something that was so quickly planned and put together... It came out absolutely incredible. I was so overjoyed with the turnout, there were so many of my favorite bloggers (shoutout to all my blogger buds and besties that came and chatted with us, y'all know who you are!) and I just couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my Wednesday night. The girls and I just wanted to do a recap of all that was discussed and share our favorite tweets and the best parts of the chat. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who joined and discussed everything with us. We didn't plan on this being a weekly thing (although I would LOVE for it to be).. you know scheduling can be tough, especially with school starting back soon and everything. BUT if you're a blogger you just might have gotten an email about #bloggersbts (If not and you're interested, let me know!) Nicole and I might do a #bloggerblab to discuss back to school things when the linkup starts up!! BUT I GOTTA GET INTO THIS RECAP NOW WHAT AM I DOING?!

So we kicked off the chat letting everyone know that we changed our icons blue for the chat so everyone could easily recognize when one of the hosts had tweeted! The whole time the chat was happening, the girls and I were talking live in a google hangout #behindtheblog or should I say #behindthetwitterchat and there was a lot of "Oh my gosh you guys" "Oh my gosh y'all" "This is incredible" "So exciting" "Aw I love them" ect. ect. ect. BUT WE LOVED EVERYONE BTW

We asked everyone to introduce themselves and link to their blogs so here's everyone:

Simone // blog coming soon
Sydney // Sincerely, Syd
Madison // Mads Maybe
Ashleigh // Ash & Lane
Ashlee // Preperella
Daniela // The Bubbly Curls
Olivia // NC Prepsters
Brooke // The Pink Lyme
Rebecca // Sunny Rebecca
Lauren // A Lil' Style

As you can see there were so so so many bloggers that joined us, and the girls and I were just so excited from the get go of how the entire chat was gonna flow! 

We had our first question: 
And the responses were PERFECT

*Totally agreed.. Poppin is AMAZING


So then Nicole and I started asking questions...

Google Docs was mentioned a few times.. Faith mentioned that sometimes Google Docs aren't structured enough.. but it works for her and that's what matters! I was actually kinda surprised at how few people used online PDF's to print out. Many of the girls in our chat were pros at brainstorming and organizing on their own. Others said that they were still a bit unsure as to what works best for them, and still trying to find it, which I totally get! However many bloggers did agree that doing your own thing can be a lot of fun, which I would definitely have to agree with them on. I'm pretty big on making organizers and brainstorm sheets for myself and not using pre made ones. 

When Nicole asked what print outs bloggers used, if any.. We learned that the perfect one is difficult to find. Someone had linked to this Weekly blog post planner which would absolutely not work the best for me-- just how my brain works-- but it was still neat to see! Check out Pinterest if you're ever interested in finding more. 

I asked how bloggers organized on their own, and the responses were great!

I love making brainstorms (super duper colorful too btw) in notebooks, while I learned that others turn to helpful apps on their phones or websites to get organized. Evernote, the preinstalled notes on your iPhone, and Wunderlist. It was so fun to see how different we all were in our organization. While there were many tweets on Evernote, the topic of adding tons of color yourself with pens in cute little notebooks came up way WAY more. WHICH I TOTALLY LOVED BECAUSE I AM SUCH A PEN AND PAPER KINDA GAL MYSELF. But back to the printables and things.. I did get to see that other bloggers are on the hunt for the perfect one.. So I might at some point see what I can do and put together a collection kinda post IDK we'll see..

Planners were discussed A LOT. I love a good planner, and they definitely are good ways of keeping yourself organized and on schedule. 

List making was also mentioned quite a bit.. I'm the kind of person that carries a notebook or a scrap piece of paper so I can list things off whenever. It was neat to see that I'm not the only one who writes all these lists... 

There were many wise words shared during #bloggerblab

Especially when we started discussing pros/cons of creating your own organizational methods..

But seriously, how perfect are those benefits to making your own organizational tools and using your own methods.. Nicole asked how much bloggers are willing to pay to get organizational printables to use for their blogs. 
Totally agreeing with Rach on this one.

Ooh and someone else tweeted a link to this fun printable: find it here 

Cristina brought up a good point too.. With making your own organization type of things in notebooks, it can be hard to find something right off the bat that 100% works for you.

I asked the gals where they store their brainstorms and notes and lists...


I really loved hearing from those who keep all their lists and check things off as they get them done! That's something I really love doing, and I liked seeing that others do it too! So yeah, learning that there are other note hoarders out there made me happy. Also looking back on past notes and ideas can give new inspiration for bigger and better ideas.

There was a point where Evernote was being mentioned left and right

It's where the chat got INSANELY fun because all it was was a bunch of bloggers obsessing over blogger things and it was perfect! We were planning group field trips to Staples and T.J.Maxx and Paper Source, and life was just good.

Then Ruth's tweet showed up in Indonesian, and #bloggerblab went international

And we all established that we all love organizing and pretty things to organize in

The rest of the chat was filled with thank you's to the wonderful hosts *takes a bow* and exchanging Instagram usernames so we could follow along, bloglovin' links ect. ect.

IT WAS SO SO SO MUCH FUN TO PUT TOGETHER! I'm Still in awe that it went so well! I would definitely love to have another #bloggerblab in the near future.. but we'll see how scheduling works and just be prepared if you ever see a totally random tweet saying that there's blogger blab that night.. just go. It's totally worth it I promise.


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