May 13, 2015

Trends For Less

Trends for less

Hello everyone!

I've been majorly off and on social media this past week, and if you follow me on Instagram.. you know why. My APHG exam is on Friday. THIS FRIDAY. Yep, I'm freaking out. Like majorly. I've been studying and reviewing, but there are just those terms and models that will never make complete sense in my head, and if you've ever taken an AP class before, you know that's a problem. The exam is all about connecting what you learned in the course to real life examples, and if you don't understand.. it get's hard. So that's where I've been. BUT I'M BACK (at least for today) to give y'all my favorite items that have been trending lately.. and a cheaper version as well! I'm all about saving money, and if you can.. you totally should. It makes no sense to drop $138 for something when there's a look-a-like for $30, right?

I've been seeing those long gold necklaces trending for awhile now. I love seeing them paired with a classic staple, like a grey t-shirt or with a striped dress. I found one at Neiman Marcus for almost $200. I knew there had to be a cheaper alternative for such a simple necklace! I found a similar one at American Eagle, but I wanted one that looks even closer to the Neiman Marcus version. Then I came across this one at New Look, and it was a perfect match. Honestly, I love this one more than the Neiman Marcus version.

Let's talk pearl earrings. I know you might think you need the most expensive pair to be a "true prep" or whatever, but if you're going for the classic style.. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg for a pair of earrings. Just hit up Forever 21. Actually, Forever 21 is where I look for look-a-like items if Target doesn't have one that I like. Also, you can get like nine pairs in all different sizes.. how great is that? 

Now for bucket bags... I think they're different than your traditional tote, and that's probably why I like them. I like how they're still a classic leather bag, and it would match basically every outfit. I don't think it's necessary to spend $100+ on a bag if there's one that looks almost exactly the same for about $30. 

Now for sandals! With Summer on it's way, and a super hot Spring at least here in South Carolina, sandals are definitely a staple. Whether you like simple two strap sandals or birkenstocks, or a more strappier option... There's a cheaper alternative.

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