Apr 1, 2015

Patterned Shorts & Jacks

So only bloggers will fully understand this...NONE of my outfit pictures came out the way I wanted them to. My brother was all ticked at me because he wanted to go for ice cream. Oh and then there was the wind haha. I probably sound super sarcastic, but y'know what It was so much fun! I love walking on the beach (especially on Spring break when the beach is this empty! Like how crazy is that). After these pictures were taken we got ice cream.. butter pecan for me (as seen on "the 'gram")

As you can see... My hair in its natural state is ridiculous haha

No I'm not pregnant.. based on this picture my sister thought I was.... Awkward right? Well no I just ate too much ice cream ahahhahaha

Pictures taken at Huntington Beach State Park

Shorts: Target // Tanktop: Old Navy // Jacket: Old Navy // Sandals: Jack Rogers-- Platinum

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